11 November, 2015

Six week post op

Today I had my 6 week check up. 
I started at 315 lbs. according to the doctors scale, I am now 274.6
Take off 3 lbs for clothes and that matches what my scale says at home. I'll take it. 
I skipped last week on the blog because I was at Knittin' in the Mitten knitting retreat. Yep, the one I host. I think everyone had fun. 
Monday was a day of returning everything and Tuesday I had an MRI about the eviction of barnacle bill the cyst. I'll know more by Friday. 
As to my weight...
I'm happy at 6 weeks out. The doctor, dietitian, and exercise specialist are all happy with where I am. None of them want me to go further with exercise until the cyst is gone. I do need to start taking iron again and will be taking it for a while with the type of surgery I had. I'm also going back to celebrate vitamins instead of the Flintstones complete chewable vitamins. The celebrate are more suited to the actual counts I need. Plus, the celebrate taste better. 
My true happiness: 
I can go back to real food! As long as my pouch can handle it I can eat it in small portions. I still have to introduce foods slowly like you would to a baby. One food at a time. I'm still not allowed alcohol, but I'm not a big drinker, so this doesn't bother me. I am able to introduce more meats, some breads (toasted or crusty) and can now try rice and white potatoes. First will always be the protein portion of my diet, then the vegetable and next the carbs. This is so I get the nutrients that I need. The dietitatian was very happy that I am a foodie that wants to get rid of processed foods and artificial sweeteners. I can try to introduce honey and agave into my diet and see how Tazzy reacts. 
Yep, I'm excited about food. Weird thing is I'm not hungry, but now I know that when I feed myself I am not just putting processed crap into my body. I have been gluten free since mid September. It was advised that I try gluten free bread before going full wheat so it will be easier on my tummy. It was also advised that I keep some easy foods on hand for when Tazzy says no about what I am feeding it. If I get sick or have dumping, I will want to step back to soft foods for a day or two. I have not had this happen yet, I know one day I will. 
This last weekend I had my first interaction of negativity since I began this journey. I don't want to go into it here but suffice it to say that if I say I am going to do something, do not tell me I can't. I talked to my doctor about the negativity and was told that I now have a goal. They do not believe in saying you can't do something unless health or life is in danger. So, I am saying this again, if you want to be negative, go talk to someone else. This is a positive space and really, with everything I am going through, my give a fuck is broken. The real me is coming out and I very much like myself. 
Thank you to all for your support. 



Susan Moore said...

Coggi, you are looking and doing great. Keep up the good work and tell Tazz to behave.

Michele Eskew said...

Your give a fuck can stay broken as far as I'm concerned. No one has a right to be negative to you...