24 January, 2016

16 weeks post Gastric Bypass surgery

16 weeks does not equal 4 months. Another 10 days until that post. 
I am healing well from cyst surgery. I still have tenderness and move a bit slow, but I am off pain meds and getting back to my new normal. 
My main goal was to get back to exercise. 3 days this week I was able to walk on the treadmill for a mile at 2.5 and an incline of 3 for 1/2 of it. I should be back to 2 miles soon. I also did one workout on the total gym with leg presses and arm pulls. Nothing too hard on my core. 
I am trying to push my food intake to 1000 calories. I get 800 and then have to push the next 200. An extra snack in the evening is really hard to get down. I'm trying. 
I haven't lost anything according to the scale this week. So, as per normal, I had Sarge take my measurements. 

Here are my preop stats. Only thing wrong was I was at 315 lbs not the 313 it states. Next to it are my measurements from today. 


September 2015

January 2016
Big changes! 
I'm trying to stay positive by taking a daily selfie so I can see my changes. I seem to have body image issues when I look in the mirror. I still see myself as bigger. Yesterday I was shopping with Boo and she had to tell me to grab a smaller size because I reached for a 3x like was the norm before. This is a good problem to have. 
4 lbs to 1/2 of my excess weight gone. Not lost because I don't want to refind it. I am changing for life because I want to live. 

13 January, 2016

Week 15 post Bypass Surgery

Week 2 post barnacle removal:
I am feeling much better this week. My 2 week post op appt with Dr. O went very well. I am healing slowly, but still healing. I have weaned myself off the pain meds. I really dislike not being able to think straight. 

15 weeks post Bariatric surgery:
I am doing pretty well on this front as well. 

High weight was 315 lbs
Current weight 243.8 lbs
Weight loss 71.2 lbs

I am starting to take a selfie everyday so I can see my changes. At least one a month it will be a full body shot. Most of the time, it will be like the photo above. 

In the next week I am allowed to start walking more, bending some and possibly drive again. So, I am charging my Fitbit and setting my steps for 1000. Seems low, but it's more than I have been allowed to do since the 28th. 

A couple weeks ago Sarge sent me a link to Spaghetti Squash stuffed with Chicken Parm. The recipe sounded good, but it was breaded fried chicken in sauce placed over spaghetti squash with full fat cheese. Yeah. This doesn't fit into the lifestyle we have changed to. So, I reworked the recipe so it no longer had all the carbs (56g), fat (28g),  and calories (740). 
Even Sarge said this was a keeper. 
Here is my interpretation:

Spaghetti Squash stuffed with Chicken Parm
 1 med/large spaghetti squash
Olive oil spray (I use a misto)
Black pepper

Preheat oven to 375
Poke squash around lengthwise with a knife (---------} 

Microwave for 5 minutes
Use poke line to cut squash in half and remove seeds/guts

Spray cleaned squash lightly with oil
Sprinkle with pepper, salt and oregano. 
Place cut side down on cookie sheet or roasting pan. 

Bake for 40 minutes

1 cup pasta sauce
8 ounces of chopped cooked chicken
1/4 cup shredded 4 cheese Italian mix
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
1/8 cup parsley flakes
1 tbs Italian seasoning
1 tsp garlic powder

Mix all but sauce in a bowl. 
Turn squash over. 

Using a fork, scrape the meat of the squash. Spoon pasta sauce on top. Place Meat mixture on top 

1/4 cup shredded 4 cheese Italian mix
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

Sprinkle with more parsley 

Bake for another 20 minutes
Serves 4
Each serving: 281 calories 26g protein 26g carbs 9g fat

I think next time I will add onion and bell pepper to the meat mixture. 
The amount I could eat. 

03 January, 2016

Week 13 - a little late

On December 28th I had surgery to remove Barnacle Bill the cyst. It was an open operation a lot like a c-section. The doctor removed a baby basket ball sized cyst and my left ovary. I was told it weighed about 8 lbs and was 7" in diameter. Bigger than I had envisioned. 
I came out of anesthesia on a morphine push. I was feeling pretty good and I didn't have to move because of the bags hanging off my bed. 
Being stoned off my ass, I was okay with not moving! 
I was in the hospital for two nights. The nurses were wonderful and my doctor came to see me each day. Dr.O. (Cannot spell or pronounce her last name), said I was ready to go home on the 30th. 

Sarge picked me up before work then Boo came and sat with me so I was not alone. I slept, so really it wasn't a hard task for her. I came home on Hycet- basically liquid norco. It is good for taking the edge off the pain but I have to be sure to take it every 4 hours. I'm also on HRT patch, something else to get used to. 
A c-section when you have a child is much easier to deal with because ones focus is on the baby instead of healing. Yeah, I'm focused on healing. It's not as fun. 
I'm not allowed to exercise.
I'm not allowed to drive.
I'm not allowed to sleep on my side.
I'm not allowed to do anything but sit or lie down. 
I don't have the brain power to knit. Oh, I was able to knit garter stitch, but cannot wrap my brain around how to sew up the tube to make the hat. I am able to knit plain on socks but after 3 rows I am falling asleep. 
I can listen to an audio book, well, I  can listen to 10 minutes of an audio book then I am falling asleep. 
I am catching up on video podcasts, but having to watch 2-3 times so I catch them all. 
I know, 1st world problems...I have them! 
I knew I would gain weight with a surgery. 16 lbs was not what I expected. However, a week out and I am only 2 lbs up from my pre surgery weight last week. I knew it was fluids and gassy stuff. 
I'm still in a lot of pain. Part of that is because I know I am not getting enough protein in to heal properly. For healing I should be between 70 and 100 grams of protein. I'm maybe getting 45. I just don't feel like eating. When I do eat, I can't eat much. So, instead I'm focusing on liquids because the Hycet needs to go through the kidneys. Lots of water, lemon water, hot drinks such as apple cider, coffee and teas. 
Oh, I got an order from DAVIDsTEA. I haven't tried it yet, but it sure looks yummy. 
I'll give my review soon. 
I now need to go take more meds and try to get some rest. 
The boys have been keeping me company most of today. 
Happy 2016 to all. 
I look forward to being much healthier this year than last. 

23 December, 2015

Week 12 post RNY surgery

First photo, the day I went home from the hospital after surgery. 
Second photo, yesterday. Same shirt. 60# down. 
I can finally see a difference. 
I had my 3 month check in with the Bariatric team last week. I'm supposed to bring my calorie intake up to 1000 daily. I'm trying but just 900 is hard to get in. I'm doing ok with my liquids though. I also had to get calcium wafers to chew 3 times a day. Thank goodness for my Mango health ap for keeping me on track with my vitamins. I am no longer on any medications! I have to keep the iron away from the multi vitamin and calcium. So, about every two hours I am having a nosh on one vitamin or another. Without the ap I would be lost. 
I did go get some clothes for the holiday. I have given away over 75% of my clothes. Just keeping things that work being a bit big, like yoga pants, tee shirts and hoodies. So, I needed some new or new to me now. I ended up at Meijer while they had a buy one get one for a dollar. 
Actually 3 tops and 2 pairs of leggings. 
I ordered from Kohl's. 
The pants fit great but I will be taking back the sweater. It is cropped on me and not like in the photo. 
Not flattering! 
But, do you see....I'm in a size 20!!! 
I was a 26/28 when I started. 
The waist fits and just about everywhere else is roomy enough to move but not baggy. 

Surgery date to remove Barnacle Bill was moved from the 21st to the 28th. I will go in at 930am. I am more nervous about this surgery than I have been about any other I have ever had. I think part of it is the wait with being able to think about. It's also the first time I have had to have an early blood type wrist band for possibility of transfusion. I'm okay with the doctor but it's the little things. I will be in the hospital for a few days. Send flowers (joking). 

Happy Holidays to all reading. 

09 December, 2015

Week 10 RNY post op

It has been a good week. I weigh 260 lbs that is 55 lbs down. 

My goals since my last doctors appointment have been 30 minutes of exercise, 64 ounces of water and 60 grams of protein. I'm supposed to stay under 900 calories. I think I'm getting everything in and staying under the calorie goal. However, I was eyeballing everything. I'm not doing that anymore. My digital scale has become my friend. Unless I am having something easy like a yogurt or cheese stick, which are already serving sized for me, I need to portion out 2oz of protein, 1-2 ounces of veggies and minimal amount of starch. I haven't been putting starch on my plate. 4-6 ounces total fills me up and makes Tazzy happy. 
I did make a grocery store error this week. I had been out of Sugar free popcicles and thought I grabbed a box to refill. They are nice when I just can't face another 8 ounces of water. Well, I bought popcicles, but not sugar free. Yeah, Tazzy was not a happy camper. Sugar is not my friend! I will keep those on hand for the grands. 
For exercise, I added yoga and stretching to the walking and weights. My body feels good and I am very hyper. It takes about an hour to get through my routine. 
I had my pre-eviction appointment for Barnacle Bill the cyst. His eviction is set for December 21st at 10am. I will be having an open incision because of the size of of Bill then I will be in the hospital for a few days. On Christmas Eve Eve, I should come home to heal. The doctor informed me it will be 6-8 weeks before I can get back to heavy exercising. Walking is ok if I take it slow. 
Sarge and our kids are great and I am sure I will be well taken care of by them. We have already planned to push Christmas back a day and celebrate with me on the couch and everyone else making the meal and doing the presents stuff. I am no where near done with shopping, but I am sure I will get it done in the next week. 
Thank you for joining me on my journey. 

03 December, 2015

Week 9- tools

I found this inspirational: 

It is getting colder here in West Michigan. As I say that, it is warmer than most Decembers in recent memory. No snow has stuck around yet, but it is chilly. 
I have been concentrating on warm foods that are higher in protein. 
Two I have come up with are: 

Chicken chili

1 lb chopped chicken- I use leftovers but you can cook and drain. 
2 cans great northern beans 
1 can low fat refried beans with green chilies 
2 cans petite diced tomatoes 
1 tbs chile powder 
1 tsp cumin 
1 tsp garlic powder 
1 tsp onion powder 
1/2 tsp cracked pepper 
1/4 tsp salt 
1 tbl parsley flakes 
1 cup water

Put it all in a crockpot on high for 4 hours or low for 6

Serve with low fat sour cream and low fat cheese if you wish. 
8 normal servings 
22g per serving per my fitness pal

Bean soup 
1 can great northern beans- drained 
1 can pinto beans- drained 
1 can Cannelloni beans- drained 
1 can red kidney beans- drained 
2 cans garbanzo beans- drained 
1 cup diced carrots 
1 cup diced celery 
1 cup diced onion 
1/4 cup low fat Italian dressing 
1 can petite diced tomatoes 
2 cups low sodium chicken stock 
2 cups leftover chicken

In large crockpot (I use a liner) put all drained beans 
In skillet, sauté onion, carrots and celery in dressing until tender, poor over beans in crockpot. Add tomatoes , liquid and chicken. 
Cook on low 6 hours or high 4 hours or until heated through. 
I like to sprinkle a bit of parm on when serving. 
Makes 8 normal servings at 23g protein per my fitness pal

Yep, beans with meat is how I do it. 

I also still have a protein drink, protein bar or something to bring my numbers up. 

I still struggle with getting 64 oz of liquids. Adding decaf constant comment tea and SF hot apple cider has helped. 

If you're on myfitnesspal, I'm CoggieTm over there. As my caloric intake is not over 1k daily, it will not allow me to finish my food for each day. I roll with it as it is the best/ easiest I have found for accurate tracking. 

Other tools I use: 

A digital scale that does both grams and ounces for different recipes.

Measuring cups and spoons. Depending on what I am eating I can normall do 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup of protein. I use 1/3 for veggies and 1/4 for carbs. I normally don't finish either of those. 




I have found these to be helpful blogs and sites. 

Regular measuring tape. When the pounds are not dropping, take account of your inches. 

I have also found some Wls podcasts or vlogs that I like on YouTube. Some people have has VSG surgery and some RNY surgery. All are inspirational to me. 

To name a few:

The Naked Truth

50 Shades of Maintainence

The Fat Kings

Melly Mae

Lauren Losing

Watch Pattimelt

Finding Elizabeth

I have added stretching and yoga to my weekly exercise routines. So, I have the treadmill, the Weider machine, an exercise ball, dumb bell weights, and my floor. I also love to dance so occasionally I just blast music and get 30 minutes of cardio by dancing. Soon I might try out the Sweating to the Oldies DVDs that a friend gave me. After I have Barnicle Bill removed (preop appointment next week) and am allowed to exercise my core, I will be doing belly dancing again. 

We have decorated for the holidays and I enjoy knitting by the tree lights in the evenings. 

30 November, 2015

2 months post op

I skipped my 8 week post because I knew the 30th was coming up fast. 
This last week has been fun with the Thanksgiving holiday and family get togethers. I am now down to 266.6 lbs and it was time to remeasure. 
Where I began: 
To where I am now:
I feel good! 
I had salad for the first time since surgery this week. Tazzy was so happy! Still protein first but I have always loved vegetables. I also made up granola bars and have been able to have a couple with no problems. 
Thanksgiving was a lot easier than I thought it would be. A small bit of turkey and ham a few sides and a very happy Tazzy. We went to Boo's house for dinner so very little leftovers came home with us. I did make Sarge a turkey breast on Friday. He craves turkey sammies. Easy meals, yay! I was worried that desserts would tempt me, but not even a little bit. I was very happy having a coffee while everyone had pie. 
My blood sugar numbers have not been above 90, so I think I am truly in remission from diabetes. I have not had medication since 3 days before surgery. 
Today, I am down and out with the cooties. My throat feels like I ate cut glass. Lots of tea, some Tylenol  and SF halls. Just taking it easy. 
I hope no one else catches this.