21 September, 2017

Two years In the making.

Two years ago I wrote a list of things I hoped to be able to do once I had gastric bypass surgery. 

I will mark, in bold, the ones I accomplished in the order in which I wrote them. 

1. Tie my shoes without hassle

2. Touch my toes

3. Sit in an airplane seat without an extender

4. Feel comfortable sitting in the back seat of a car

5. Play cars with the grandcubs on the floor

6. Ride a roller coaster. 

7. Go down water slides

8. Wear size 10 pants

9. wear a medium top

10. Buy calf boots that fit and zip

11. Purchase clothes from a regular size store

12. Go hiking

13. Walk a 5k

14. Ride a bike

15. Walk up a flight of stairs without panting

16. Walk fast enough not to hurt my hubby

17. Walk the boardwalk and pier

18. Climb a pool ladder

19. Go horseback riding

20. Be told I'm tiny

21. Fit in a restaurant booth

22. Take an Amtrack trip

23. Easily cross my legs

24. Sit Indian/crisscross style

25. Wrap a bath towel around me

26. Pull the car seat forward

27. Wear my husband's clothes 

28. Feel pretty

29. Walk a corn maze

30. Build snowmen in the yard with grandcubs

I'm only missing 6 out of the 30 NSV's I wrote when I began this journey. I plan to finish this list this year. 

Things I did not write down like working a full time job and finishing my college degree…wow. So many more that are not mentioned. 

30 July, 2017

22 months out

22 months ago I had  bariatric surgery.
Yes, I have lost weight.
No, I have not met my personal goal.
Yes, I am very happy.

It is a day by day challenge.
In the last two months, I have graduated college

Started working full time

And just yesterday, completed my 2nd Coast Guard Festival 5k.
With the best hubby/fulltime support person ever.

I have an amazing doctor

Great friends

The route map
My number and medal 

Official time 
That is 6 minutes off my time from last year. 

I never knew my life would make the turns it has, but I am not complaining about where I am now.

22 May, 2017

I'm Wanty not Needy

I only made a few purchases this weekend.
Well, if you count skinny pop, diet Snapple or beef jerky, then I made lots of purchases, but you came here for fibery goodness.
Almost a year and a half ago, I was given two Corriedale fleeces. Shannon had taken them Up North to have them processed at Stone Hedge Fiber Mill. I love the way they clean and prep. 7 pounds of dirty fleece became almost 5 pounds of yummy roving.

While we were at the Tip of the Mitt Fiber Festival, I picked up Grellow Fiber from IceMelon. You see it here in singles form. I need to ply.

Also pictured is some laundry butter (new to me) and a skein of Washtena Wool Company fingering in Wolf. I see it as Hedwig and will be making something owlish from it.

My lovely hostess, Shannon, knows that I want to learn to sew better, so she gave me this book to increase my skills. I didn't think anything would fit, but I am within the scale of the measurements on the patterns. Happy dance and big NSV.

I think the biggest want for the weekend was just to be with my hubby. We are together a lot, but there is nothing like a road trip to get us talking. I think we both wanted/needed this.

Road Trip

We headed Up North for the weekend.
Started out at 530am on Saturday. 

The sunrise was beautiful! 

We were headed to Tip of the Mitt Fiber Festival.
We made it to Boyne City about 10:30 and met up with Shannon. We headed to the festival about noon where we met with Shirley and little man after dropping Sarge at the rifle range. 
There would be pictures of the festival, but my phone decided it needed a reset at that point. Not impressed...neither was I. 
After stopping for lunch and then picking Sarge up, we all headed back to Shannon' s house to relax. First time meetings for our hubby's. I think it all worked out. A few naps,  lots of laughter, and then bedtime. 
Sunday I think we all slept in a bit. We had brunch, the men napped and us women chatted, knit, spun, and laughed some more. 
Sadly we had to say goodbye. 
Sad to go. Miss them already!

Sarge and I headed out on the road again for a quick stop to see his friends in Grayling. 
We stopped for dinner then arrived about 730p. As I said, it was a quick stop, about an hour.  Then we were off for home. 
We arrived about 1 am and crashed out about 2am 
It was a fun weekend. 

My question: 
When did giving someone advice from experience become judging? 

13 April, 2017

Who fucking knew?

For 47 years I thought I had straight hair that often was frizzy.
I had a really good hair cut in January and the stylist told me to find non silicone mousse and try scrunching my hair. A friend at college who is also a stylist told me to look up the curly girl method. I have ordered the book and read up bunches. I also asked friends for input.
It's going to be a long process.

Today, I am super happy with my hair.
This is without curling iron or blow drying. 
I'm still learning. 

30 January, 2017

16 Months

16 months post RNY Gastric Bypass
HW: 315
CW: 217.4

Exercise routine: 

5 miles on Recumbent bike at setting 3
I took 3 days off while recovering. 
I will change it up for February and add hand weights. 

Seeing collar bones
Smaller wedding ring
Noticing more shrinkles
Shoveling snow
Able to pull off knee high boots without unzipping

I had a esophagus ablation last week. Everything came out ok. 
I'll have a biopsy in 2 months and another ablation a bit after that. 
It leaves me with a husky voice and need of a liquid/soft food diet for a bit. 

I'm not as far as I want to be but each day I get a bit closer. Sometimes I get discouraged because I have not met goal. I have to remember this has not been a straight path for me. I have had procedures since the main surgery. I just need to keep my sight on my goals. Failure is not an option

22 January, 2017

Rambles at the beginning of 2017

Welcome 2017!
Yes, I know, I'm late. January is not over yet, so all is still good. 
We woke up to 2017 instead of ringing it in. It was a quiet day and we are good with that. I believe in "start as you wish to go on", so I cast on a new knitting project and Sarge ended up cleaning his pistols. Things we both enjoy doing and hope to do more of during this year. We had Black eyed peas and ham for dinner for luck of the new year. Other than that, it was movie day. Nothing fancy. 
The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful for us. Transitions with college for me and job for him. Hopefully, soon, I will be in that job place so I can take the stress off him. Between us though, I think we are stronger than ever. 
Any major event can put a strain on a relationship. We have faced huge moves, job changes, deployments, and my weight loss surgery. Every time, we talked our way through it. We have had our ups and downs, but by communicating along the way, we stay on track, together. Each time we are told by someone that the act is statistically supposed to break us apart. I think huge changes in life can break some people apart. I also think that their relationship was not strong before the change and therefore could not withstand that change. If you are able to see the change, communicate about it, and see the positive in it, then you should be able to come out the other side much better than you were before.
We have survived.
Hopefully we will continue to survive.
When I met him, back in 1995, I never thought we would be together this long. In two weeks, we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.
I would say yes all over again.
I hope you feel the same about the one you are with.

Stay positive and communicate!