01 August, 2016

WLS - Michigan Meet & Greet

Met wonderful people are walking the path I have walked for almost a year. 
Too much fun! 
I left home about 8am. After stopping for coffee I was on my way to pick up Deborah and head to the Meet & Greet
A sign at the coffee house. 

This wonderful lady and I shared the same good taste in coffee. She is wonderful and I can't wait to see her again! 
Lunchtime fun. Yummy BBQ 
A picture to capture the group

Had to get the narwhals in the photo too! 
Wish I had talked to everyone more! 
Facebook will help to make friendships stronger. 
Not all flattering for me, but I know I have a bit to go. Keep it real! Friends don't judge! 

A walk on a different pier was a must! 
A year ago I would never have started this walk. The wind was making splashing waves against the pier. 
After, we headed to a bookstore for a cool drink and knitting. 
It was great to catch up. 
Dinner was at a brewery. Food was okay, company was wonderful! 
After, we gathered for more talking and a bit of bonfire. 
(Photo by Kim) 
Hugs all around then I headed out.
 I got home about midnight. 
What a fun day! 

Having people you don't have to explain your tiny tummy to is good.
Making new friends is priceless! 

Hopefully some of us can get together again before another year passes. 
Thank you for allowing me to join your group. 

30 July, 2016

10 months post RNY surgery- huge NSV!

Today I met another goal. A non-scale victory if you will. 
I finished my first 5k. 
For some, walking a 5k could be a normal occurrence. For myself, it was a goal. In May of 2014 I had knee surgery where I had cadaver parts installed  so I could walk without pain. For more than a year, I pushed to get "stiffy" to bend and move. In June of 2015, I had to go back in and have a bunch of scar tissue removed so that "stiffy" would bend and hold my weight so I could again walk. On September 30th, 2015, I had Roux en Y gastric bypass bariatric surgery to help me lose weight. I promised myself that if I was able to walk a 5k, I would then write to the family of the person who gave me "stiffy" , telling them that movement still happens because of their loved one. 
I got up at 530 this morning with that goal in mind. 
I did not finish first, but next to last. 
At least I finished! 
My wonderful husband was by my side the whole way. 
10 months out from gastric bypass, 1 year out from learning to walk again, 2 years out from reconstructive surgery. I finished my first 5k! 
I did not fail "stiffy". 
Thank you to the person who checked the box as an organ donor. May you rest in peace. 
I will now write that letter. 
You never know someone story when you look at them. 
My journey continues...

26 July, 2016

Week 43: A goal achieved

I talk about it on my YouTube video but I have finally lost over 100 lbs. 

23 July, 2016


I did this back in 2011. It's update time. 

A: Attitude. I have one. 
B: Bariatric patient- Surgery was 9/30/15
C: College student. Not sure for how much longer. 
D: Disorganized. Yep, type B personality and all that. My house is always cluttered and I am always to trying to fix that but get distracted and find things that are more fun than cleaning.
E: Eleanor. My aunt that I always wanted to be like. She did what she wanted, when she wanted but was very grounded and much of a Grande Dame.
F: Fashion Train. I think I got off this a long time ago. I like ease and comfort even when I have to dress up. My go to clothes are leggings and a top. 
G: Gramma (not Grandma- no kids pronounce it like that) 
H: History. This is a passion of mine. I love to learn what has happened in the past.
I: Internet- the place I have met most of my friends before meeting them in person. 
J: Jeremy is my son. I am proud of how he has landed on his feet in the life choices he has made.
K: Knitter. Yes, with a capital K. I also crochet, spin, weave and tat.
L: Laughter. I love to laugh. A day without laughter is a lost day to me.
M: Married. I am married to the most wonderful man, who at times can drive me completely nuts. I would not change this for anything!
N: Not shy. I am a people person. I like crowds but do not like to be the center of attention.
O: Opinionated. If you ask for it, I will give it to you. If you don't like my answer, ask someone else.
P: Podcaster. I host The High Fiber Podcast.
Q: Quilter. I learned last year. 
R: Rain. The smell of, the patter from. Calming. 
S: Student. I attend Baker College online and in Muskegon. I hope to be finished up by spring 2017.
T: Teal or turquoise. My power colors.
U: Unique. One of a kind.
V: Veronica is my daughter. She is quirky and fun and I love her so. So proud of the lady she has become. 
W: Winner- afraid of failure. 
X: eXercise. I try to exercise everyday. I am getting better at it as I have to for my health. I like dancing, walking and yoga. 
Y: Yarn. I love yarn. I use it, collect it, make it, admire it, pet it...yeah I am addicted to it.
Z: Zeal for life. 

14 July, 2016

Week 41: When all else fails...

Take measurements. 
I have been feeling sort of down because I'm bouncing the same numbers and have still not hit 100 pounds down. I know I shouldn't compare, but I watch others that lose 100 in 6 months and I get discouraged. I have to remember that the first 6 months everything was the surgery because I couldn't exercise. 3 months in I had another abdominal surgery that took 3 months to heal. But dang it, I have been feeling like a failure. Then, I saw my measuring tape sitting on the table. I may not be losing weight, but I am still losing inches! 20.75 inches across my different body parts I have kept track of. Bust, waist, belly and hips lost the most as well as my thighs. I'm a bit happier. 
Last night I tried a new fruit since surgery. I spent a while with dumping. I love fruit but it just takes tiny Tazzy time to get used to each one. Because I was feeling off, I did not go to college. In the long run, I think I have been stressing too much about school and I need to take a step back and reevaluate how I am treating me. I come first. Yes, I need to graduate but I don't need to graduate so bad I hurt my health. Everything in moderation. 
I have started walking in between classes. I was missing my 2 mile walk and the last 2 days I have walked the campus so I get that in. This has been my happy.
How have you found your happy today? 

10 July, 2016

My Weight loss journey

I have started a YouTube channel for my Weight loss journey.