26 February, 2014

A lacy little sweater

I made this sweater for Little Miss Z a couple of years ago. I never posted the pattern.
Note: I am not perfect, please let me know if there are any errors.

Lacy Cardi

Lacy Baby Sweater Pattern
200-220 yards worsted
Size 9 needles-circular and dpn’s for i-cord (I use a crochet hook )
No gauge- babies grow
2 buttons- 3/4-1 inch
Sl1-slip as if to purl w/yarn in front move yarn to back after slipping.

Cast on 48
Slipping the 1st stitch of each row:
Knit 4 ridges in garter (8rows)
Set up row: sl1, k2, purl 4, pm, p1, pm, p7, pm, p1, pm, p16, pm, p1, pm, p7, pm, p1, pm, p4, k3
Raglan increases
Row 1: Sl1, [Knit until marker yo, k1, yo] 4x, knit to end.
Row 2: sl1, K2, purl to 3sts, knit
Continue until arm depth is what you need. I did 12 repeats.
Next row: continue in pattern but no increases in arm section.
Next, purl in pattern but knit for arm section.
Next row: sl1 knit- no increases
Next row: s1, K2, purl doing knit in arm sections, k3.
Do last two rows 2. Times
Separate for arms:  sl1 knit to marker and remove. Bind off arm section, k to next sleeve and repeat, knit to end.
Next row: sl1, k2, purl to open space, cast on 5 stitches, purl to next opening, cast on 5 stitches, purl to last 3 stitches and k3
Should be wrong side row:
Row 1: sl1, knit
Row 2: sl1, knit
Row 3: sl1, K2 purl to last 3sts, k
Row 4:sl1, K2, [yo, k2tog] to last 3 sts, k
Row 5: sl1, K2 purl to last 3sts, k
Row 6: sl1, knit
Row 7: sl1, K2 purl to last 3sts, k
Row 8: sl1, knit
Row 9: sl1, knit,
Next row should be a right side row:
Feather & fan (11+2 st repeat):
Row 1:sl1, knit
Row 2: sl1, K2, purl to last 3, k
Row 3: sl1, [(k2tog) 2x, (yo, k1)3x, yo,(k2tog)2x] around to last stitch, k.
Row 4: sl1, k2, purl to last 3, k
Row 5: sl1, knit
Row 6: sl1, knit
Repeat 2-6,  4 times  ending on a wrong side row.
Border: sl1, knit garter for 4 ridges. Bind off loosely on right side row.
Button loops
At top pick up stitches of 1st 3 slipped stitches and do a 1.5 inch I-cord, attaching to next two slipped stitches. Drop down 1 stitch and repeat for second button.
Sew on buttons.

Weave in all ends. Wash and block.

12 February, 2014

I can have cookies!

I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I am changing my lifestyle to live. This is not a choice anymore, it is a must.
I have cut most of the bad carbs out of my food, but I still have cravings.
Today, on Pinterest, I saw a recipe for banana oatmeal cookies. These were the only ingredients. 
Why not? I have bananas and oats.
The recipe:
2 ripe bananas- mashed
1 cup oatmeal
Mix, drop by teaspoon on baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes at 350

I had to change it.
I used:
2 ripe bananas- sliced
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup old fashioned oats

Mix in food processor.
Drop by teaspoon onto baking sheet. Bake 12 minutes at 350.

They are so good!
Next time I think I will add a bit of dark cocoa powder.

Made 16 cookies
42 calories
8 carbs

04 January, 2014

New Craft Room

Last month, Boo moved into a new apartment. Today she came home to help me move my craft room from the craft room/office into her old bedroom.
Bedroom before:

First we moved the bed and then grabbed all the yarn and fiber we could put into totes.

Then we moved the metal cubes

We got everything sorted

Except the totes of stuff we couldn't fit in the cubbies.

I guess I need to go purchase more.
I also need to move my computer in this room from our bedroom and buy a couple of book cases to hold all my craft books that are still in the office. I will tackle the office this next week and get it all set up for Sarge to use.

01 January, 2014

2014!! A year of me starts

Happy new year!
I know it has been a while since I posted but I thought I would try blogging to keep me on track with my personal makeover.

Today is the start of a new year and I am using it to also start a new me. I am going to try to post weekly about changes and new adventures.
Today started with the tradition on watching tge Rose Parade. This year, I did not watch it from the couch, but instead from my treadmill.  I only clocked 30 minutes at a 2 incline before my knee said it was done. Still, it is a start. 31 days to make a habit has begun. As time goes forward I will add different exercises as well.
I also did a weigh in today. I am not proud of my weight, but it is what it is and I accept that I need to post it in order to keep track of my weight loss/new me thought process. I start this year at 298 pounds. I am going to try to lose a pound a week at this time. I may up that in the future, but even a small goal is good when starting out.
I rejoined my fitness pal to help with this goal.
So, here I go...may 2014 be the year I become the person I want to be!

25 February, 2013

Time Marches On

Wow. I think I forgot I had a blog for a little while. Life here is going well. We are trying to get the house back to better than normal for Sarge's homecoming. On top of that, I am also trying to get both cars running properly before he gets home. It's been a crazy month!
I did finish a couple of sweaters while all of this has been going on.
First, The Calligraphy. (ravelry link)

Without buttons:
After blocking

And buttons sewn on:
The yarn is North Hampton Sport in Natural and the buttons are beach stones. I love the way it fits!

Second is Little Bear's Gramps (ravelry link)

The knitting on this was done a while ago, I was just waiting to find the perfect buttons. I think I found them.

The yarn is Patons classic wool in marine and chocolate. The buttons are handmade leather look.

Back to cleaning!!

05 January, 2013

Happy 21st!

Boo turns 21 today.

First "Legal" drink
Boo turns 21

and her 2nd

I'm glad she wanted to have lunch with me.

Happy birthday!

21 December, 2012

Blessed Solstice!

One of my favorite days of the year! I never knew I loved this day so much until I moved to Michigan. It is the day we start getting the sun back.
Blessed be!