24 April, 2016

A new goal met

The last few weeks have been a stall on the scale for me. I talked to people who have has WLS that I knew in person and online. I watched YouTube videos and tried to change any habits I had come to have. Finally it was watching a YouTube podcast vlog by VSGTonya2011 that had me change up my morning routine. She suggested that you drink 16-20 ounces of water when you wake up. Then take your morning vitamins and start your breakfast. Make sure the breakfast is low carb, low fat and high protein. I started this and 4 days later my stall of 3 weeks dropped. I am now 90 lbs down. I was so happy I texted Sarge, he is away at military duty, and sent him this picture
The photo on the left is my before picture. It was taken at GreatWolf lodge 5 days before surgery. The photo on the right was taken this morning. 
This is the actual outfit I am wearing today. 
It is a long haul. It has been hard work and I still have a long way to go. 

28 March, 2016

6 months- my life has changed

Okay, truth is my six month post operation from RouxEnY surgery will be Wednesday the 30th of March. However, I had my post op appointment today. 
I am doing well. I am down over 80#'s. I am happy, much more healthy and have a future I can now look toward. 
These last six months have not been easy. I have sweated, screamed, vomited, dumped, cried, gotten angry, felt like too many people were around and been oh so lonely. I have learned who the old me was but have no idea who the new me might become. I have had to come to terms with the past and try to learn for the future. 
Some stats:
315 lbs at beginning
302 lbs at surgery
229 lbs this morning
86 lbs discarded

Size 28 jeans now size 16 jeans
Size 3x tops now size Xl tops
Size 54D bra now size 44B bra

That is only 6 months out. I have much more to work towards. 

My husband has been been my rock through all of this. I am so thankful he is beside me. 
This man rocks! 

11 March, 2016

RNY- A Whole new me!

23 weeks post surgery for gastric bypass. 
I'm down 83 lbs and 17 lbs away from my next scale victory, 100 lbs. 
I started this journey at 315 lbs. I'm not saying that was my highest, but that was my highest recorded. I went a bit of time without stepping on a scale that wasn't at the doctors office. Now, I am not afraid of the scale anymore. It can go up a bit or down a bit each week. I had to pic a day for my actual weigh in so that I only record once a week. My original weigh in for pre op was on a Wednesday, April 22nd. Surgery was 5 months later on Wednesday, September 30th. To me, it makes sense to have my weigh ins on Wednesday now. I do get on the scale everyday because that is what makes me happy. I see the fluctuations when I don't drink my water or I exercise heavy- or skip a day of exercise. However, I don't write down that number or take it to heart unless it is a Wednesday. I know many people say not to weigh yourself everyday. I think it's a personal choice and this is what I do. Ymmv. 

While scale victories are important and should be celebrated, they are not the whole reason for doing the surgery. The doctor never gave me a goal weight and I think most people will not get one from their doctor. Instead, they say a percentage of excess body weight that can be reduced. In my case, with the RNY surgery, this percentage is anywhere from 60-80. That means, that if my healthy weight is 140-166 according to the bmi chart, then at 315 I would have an excess weight of 149-175 lbs. middle ground is 153 lbs. 70% would make my goal 107 lbs down or a goal weight of 208. Yeah, I want to be much closer to 166 than 200. So instead of being told a number that we could fail to achieve or far surpass, we are told to think of non scale victories to strive for. 

I made a huge list of NSVs when I started this journey. Some have been accomplished already but still give me a thrill when they happen: 
I can tie my shoes without contorting.
I can sit in a booth at a restaurant. 
I can cross my legs. This seems like not a big deal, but it is huge! 
Some I just earned this week:
I can wrap myself in a normal size bath towel without gaps! I squeed when I had this nsv! 
I fit in a jacket Sarge brought home from deployment for me. 
I can take walks with Sarge.  I used to walk too slow for him. It would hurt him to walk at my pace, though he did it because he loved me. The other day, we walked the boardwalk by the channel, 2.5 miles, together. 
The next day, we walked the downtown area. We stopped in for a hot drink to get warm half way through. 

Then another walk at night, 1.75 miles, around our neighborhood. We are really enjoying the warm(ish) March weather and taking advantage of it. Walking in Michigan in early March is not normally done without snow boots. 
Sometimes I think Sarge is rolling his eyes at me when I get excited over being able to feel my hip bone or noticing my legs in my shadow. I ask, but he is just happy I am happy. He genuinely gets excited when I have my nsvs, no matter how small. I could not do this without his support. He is my rock. 

I have had to clear out my wardrobe. I am not rebuying things willy-nilly, but instead I have one pair of jeans that fit, one that is a size bigger but can still be worn. I have the leggings that will shrink with me through a few more sizes. I want to pick up 2 maxi skirts and 2 sun dresses that will help me through part of the next two seasons. I also need to get a new pair of tenny-runners and a pair of sandals. Even my feet have shrunk, so old shoes no longer fit comfortably. 
I am not complaining! 
Yes, I have shrinkles all over my body. 
Yes, I was out of control before. I had given up. 
I have learned that I am worth fighting for. 
I am fighting. 

21 February, 2016

20 weeks post RNY- a bit of a rant

It's been a couple of weeks. 
I am getting in a new me groove. I have lots of energy and want to get everything done, yesterday. However, I am only one person and can only do so much. 
We have always lived by the saying "One hand for the house and one hand for yourself. The house comes first!" Well, I am changing me, but I feel the need to clean up the house and get organized. I have given myself the goal of mid March to have this done. It does not count my husband's areas of the house because if he cleaned my areas, I would flip out. I will not challenge him, he works too hard to allow me to be me. So, the kitchen, dining room, living room and craft room are my areas. I am about 1/3 done and frustrated I am not further along. 
One of the problems is that every time I pull stuff out of the craft room and get some organized, someone comes to my house. This means all the stuff must go back in the craft room so the living room doesn't look like a yarn store exploded. Yeah, lots of toting back and forth. Another problem, that is not a problem, is that the snow has melted and I want to be away from the house. For the last few years I was stuck at home. Now, I can walk, drive, go...and I want to go. So, I do. That does not help get anything done. 

All this doing has kept me on my toes with food and getting liquids in. I am mostly a hot beverage drinker these days, so I dusted off my tea pot and have been enjoying Twinning decaf chai. 
This was my afternoon relaxing time today. This teapot holds 32 ounces. 
I seem to be in a Sunshine colors part of the year. I know this because the outfit I bought the other night (in an Xl !!!) is again in the yellow family. Never knew I could pull off yellow. 
They say that those who like purple do not like yellow and vice versa. Yeah, not a huge lover of purple and wearing it makes me look sickly. However, I look pretty good wearing this yellow. 
The outfit is from a pop up shop from  Lularoe. I had never heard of them before the other night. I bought two outfits. I want oodles more and will be using this as goal rewards for myself. They also have dresses and maxi skirts. Yep, get yourself some Lularoe! It's like wearing jammers all day and not look like you are headed to Walmart. 
Btw, look at those legs! I am still not used to seeing myself not a 3-4x.  
Begin Rant:
On another track, I have decided to take some time off from my local bariatric group meeting. I walk away each month feeling that I wasted over an hour on nothing I didn't know before. The group introduces itself then there is open talk. Then, about the last 10 minutes of the meeting the nutritionist goes into what the meeting was about. Some of the things talked about are serving sizes, cutting out sugar and recipies. She always has a treat to try too. Well this is all well and good, i can't eat a full serving of most things these days. I don't eat sugar and artificial sweetener is just disgusting. I use agave or natural stevia when I have to sweeten anything. No nasty aftertaste. 
The last recipe she had, has sugar in it, brown sugar, yeah, this would have made me very sick. 
I'm wondering if she is new to the bariatric area or if this is the reason people fail the surgery. 
Some talk was about eating around your surgery. Why not to do it. Oh my goodness, maybe it is because I am only 4.5 months out, but really... You rearranged your insides to get healthier, look better, be able to move (insert your reason here) , why the hell would you try out things to screw it all up? I gave up bread and pasta before the surgery, I gave up gluten before the surgery , I feel better now, why would I add that back into my tummy? I don't like listening people whine about what they have done to themselves. I am also sick of hearing that EVERYONE who has WLS is a food addict. No, I will say I am not a food addict, never was. I had issues of not being able to exercise. Catch 22 big time for me. However, lumping everyone together with one phrase is never correct and highly annoying. Yes, I ate food, I am relearning what I can and cannot have. Protein first, don't drink you calories and eat slow. This works for me so far. 
Yeah, I'm over the group and will try doing without it for a while. I'm tired of walking away feeling like I do. 
Rant over. 

Goals for this week:
Exercise 5 days. Getting back to the routine is hard after time off from surgery. 
64oz of liquids. 
Keep track of liquids.

07 February, 2016

Week 18 post RNY- the end, half way and new beginnings.

Wow, this is a bit of a roller coaster ride. 
I go down, down, down. Level off see a few bumps then down again. This week I went a little sideway too. 
After Barnacle Bill was evicted the 28th of December, I was put on a very low dose of HRT. Well, I went to lie down one evening and I stayed still but the room spun. It kept spinning until I sat back up. I hollered for Sarge and he was quick to help me. I had a glass of water, took measure of what had happened and slowly laid back down. As soon as I could, I called into my doctors office. It was a Friday morning. My doctor was on vacation until Tuesday and the nurse consulted with the on call doctor. He had never dealt with this problem with someone who had rny surgery. So, the conclusion was not to put on a new HRT patch, wait it out with the one I had on until Tuesday. Basically weaning it down to nothing. I did this. On Tuesday, I was advised to take off the patch. I might have enough estrogen in my fat cells that the HRT was putting me over the top and causing problems. I do feel better now. I have not had any adverse side effects of menopause yet. No hot flashes, no more mood swings than normal. No dizziness either. 
At the same time, I was in a slow down on weight loss. I attributed this to just having surgery and I was disappointed but not surprised. However, within 2 days of taking the HRT patch I broke the slow down and made it to 1/2 my excess weight lost. Yep, I am 75# down from surgery. 
I earned my goal present: 
I found my lap
I cut off my hair 
I'm back to exercising every other day. Soon, every day. I will be adding weights after I get the ok from the doctor. I see her on the 23rd. 

For food, I have go tos that are easy: 
Triple zero yogurt
Balanced breaks
Lunch meat and cheese roll me overs
Mixed nuts
Core power shakes

More cooking: 
Mushroom crust pizza
Pepperoni chips
Roasted chick peas
Beef or bison enchiladas
White chicken chili
Smoked sausage with steamed cabbage

Not so much anymore:
Quest bars
Perky jerky
Any other protein shake

sugar free hot apple cider
Spring water - without sulfate & sodium

In other news, I started my yarn shop this last week. 

I am having fun and hoping to supplement our income. 

I have gained so much more than I have given up. 
I'm looking forward to finding out who I am. 



24 January, 2016

16 weeks post Gastric Bypass surgery

16 weeks does not equal 4 months. Another 10 days until that post. 
I am healing well from cyst surgery. I still have tenderness and move a bit slow, but I am off pain meds and getting back to my new normal. 
My main goal was to get back to exercise. 3 days this week I was able to walk on the treadmill for a mile at 2.5 and an incline of 3 for 1/2 of it. I should be back to 2 miles soon. I also did one workout on the total gym with leg presses and arm pulls. Nothing too hard on my core. 
I am trying to push my food intake to 1000 calories. I get 800 and then have to push the next 200. An extra snack in the evening is really hard to get down. I'm trying. 
I haven't lost anything according to the scale this week. So, as per normal, I had Sarge take my measurements. 

Here are my preop stats. Only thing wrong was I was at 315 lbs not the 313 it states. Next to it are my measurements from today. 


September 2015

January 2016
Big changes! 
I'm trying to stay positive by taking a daily selfie so I can see my changes. I seem to have body image issues when I look in the mirror. I still see myself as bigger. Yesterday I was shopping with Boo and she had to tell me to grab a smaller size because I reached for a 3x like was the norm before. This is a good problem to have. 
4 lbs to 1/2 of my excess weight gone. Not lost because I don't want to refind it. I am changing for life because I want to live. 

13 January, 2016

Week 15 post Bypass Surgery

Week 2 post barnacle removal:
I am feeling much better this week. My 2 week post op appt with Dr. O went very well. I am healing slowly, but still healing. I have weaned myself off the pain meds. I really dislike not being able to think straight. 

15 weeks post Bariatric surgery:
I am doing pretty well on this front as well. 

High weight was 315 lbs
Current weight 243.8 lbs
Weight loss 71.2 lbs

I am starting to take a selfie everyday so I can see my changes. At least one a month it will be a full body shot. Most of the time, it will be like the photo above. 

In the next week I am allowed to start walking more, bending some and possibly drive again. So, I am charging my Fitbit and setting my steps for 1000. Seems low, but it's more than I have been allowed to do since the 28th. 

A couple weeks ago Sarge sent me a link to Spaghetti Squash stuffed with Chicken Parm. The recipe sounded good, but it was breaded fried chicken in sauce placed over spaghetti squash with full fat cheese. Yeah. This doesn't fit into the lifestyle we have changed to. So, I reworked the recipe so it no longer had all the carbs (56g), fat (28g),  and calories (740). 
Even Sarge said this was a keeper. 
Here is my interpretation:

Spaghetti Squash stuffed with Chicken Parm
 1 med/large spaghetti squash
Olive oil spray (I use a misto)
Black pepper

Preheat oven to 375
Poke squash around lengthwise with a knife (---------} 

Microwave for 5 minutes
Use poke line to cut squash in half and remove seeds/guts

Spray cleaned squash lightly with oil
Sprinkle with pepper, salt and oregano. 
Place cut side down on cookie sheet or roasting pan. 

Bake for 40 minutes

1 cup pasta sauce
8 ounces of chopped cooked chicken
1/4 cup shredded 4 cheese Italian mix
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
1/8 cup parsley flakes
1 tbs Italian seasoning
1 tsp garlic powder

Mix all but sauce in a bowl. 
Turn squash over. 

Using a fork, scrape the meat of the squash. Spoon pasta sauce on top. Place Meat mixture on top 

1/4 cup shredded 4 cheese Italian mix
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

Sprinkle with more parsley 

Bake for another 20 minutes
Serves 4
Each serving: 281 calories 26g protein 26g carbs 9g fat

I think next time I will add onion and bell pepper to the meat mixture. 
The amount I could eat.