24 December, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! 
The presents are wrapped and the stockings are ready to be filled. 
I talked with a friend yesterday. I'm still not feeling great about how the RD treated me, but I need to not take it personal. 
I am going to refocus. I need to start eating on a schedule again. 
3 meals at certain times- same every day. 
If I am hungry in between and have had my liquids, then I can have a snack. 
I'm going to keep the meals to 50% protein/veg mix. 
Snacks need to be protein rich like a Greek yogurt or cheese. 
I'm going to get popcorn back to being an occasional thing. 
Water and teas need to become my main drinks again. 
I'm going to try to stick to Whole Foods as much as I can. 
1000 calories... I'm not worrying about hunger, as I really don't feel that. It's being more mindful when I am eating. 
I can do this

23 December, 2016

Week 64: The one where I'm pissed

Saw Doctor Foote today. I have to have ablations done to my esophagus. He also told me that by no means should I be at 1400 calories. He has never seen loss of weight to meet goal over 1000. He wants me to drop back down and do what I was doing at 6 months out instead. 
My feelings, I am pissed and hurt. My dietitian knew that I had been frustrated. I did not understand why she was bumping up my carbs. I have lost faith in her and will not be taking information from her anymore. I know I have to see her because it is part of the plan, but I am not going to be sabotaged. I guess I should be thankful that I now know my range to maintain is 1200 calories. I just feel that I have wasted 6 months of my golden period with a dietatian who does not understand RNY surgery. 
I am slowly dropping back to 1000 calories from 1400. I will see the whole team in March and I hope to be in the 100s by then. 
My macros are 1000 calories. 60-80g protein and under 60 carbs. The rest should fall into place. 
Exercise: I just finished a 21 ab workout I am pushing to 31 days. 
I am starting a 21 day butt work out. Squats are my downfall but my ass needs it! 
The ladies at the retreat bought me a recumbent bike. I love it! My goal is 5 miles 3x a week. I also need to get back to the treadmill. I want to put 2 miles 3x a week on it. So the routine will be:
100 crunches
100 squats 
50 push-ups

M-W-F: bike
T-Th-Sa: treadmill
Sunday- total gym. 
I want to bring in the gym more, but I need to work back up to it. 

I'm going to try to channel the anger I feel into my workouts and push through. 
I'm hurt that I cannot trust someone that is supposed to have my best interest, and my health,  at heart. 

The ablation scares me but the doctor told me how easy it is and that I will have a few follow up procedures to make sure it is all taken care of. I do trust him. 

Side note: 
I gave Dr. Foote a pair of hand knit socks as a thank you and Christmas present. 

I gave the team hand knit cowls and scarves. 

22 November, 2016

Week 60

I got into my husband's jeans

Fully zipped and buttoned! 

This is a huge NonScale Victory!! 

I guess I should say why this is important to me. I bought my first pair of Levi's in 8th grade. They were a mens 40/32. Back then, they stamped the size on the back waist patch. I was happy to have jeans, but embarrassed of the size, so I cut the waist tag off. The jeans I have on here are smaller than my first pair of jeans. These are 36/34. 

Getting in my husband's pants, or more to the point of getting him out of them, has never been a problem. Getting into his jeans has long been a goal. I've never been able to wear a boyfriends or husband's clothes, like most girls just take for granted. It's all new to me. 

01 October, 2016

One year

One year follow up
I'm not sure what scale to use. Mine said 215 this morning. The bariatric clinic's said 218 and the sleep doctor's said 220. I think it all has to do with the water I had. Ugh! 
Official weigh in is 218 down from a start one year ago at 315. I could have been heavier before that. I hadn't weighed in except at my yearly appointment in years. 

I talked to a behaviorist, basically a phycologist. She seemed happy about my progress and where my head is after this year. She agrees that it is a mental mind fuck and eventually it will even out. I need to work on my journey and stop seeing everyone who has hit goal and comparing. I will get there eventually. I'm actually happy where I am. 

I talked to the exercise therapist about my worry over my legs. She advised I see my doctor about shin splints or possibly stress fractures. (I have an appointment on Monday) and then she advised me to only go to a 2 incline on my treadmill. She also suggested I get a bigger exercise ball to work out with and gave me a bunch of exercises that won't hurt my legs. I'm also to use that for balance. Cardio 3x a week, Strength 3x a week, balance 3x a week. This will be my routine after I am checked out by the doctor about my legs. Until then, I am to rest, ice, compress, and elevate (RICE). I ordered a ball and pump from Amazon. 

Next, I talk to my dietitian. She is a hoot and has the cutest new baby girl! Awe!!
My macros have changed to 1200 calories, 35% carb, 35% protein, 30% fat. My carbs and fats have been too low. She is going to check on me in two weeks to see if I have gotten more even with my macros. Lately I have been all over the place and I need to even out. Buckle down and get my shit together. It's hard...very hard. I haven't gained since June, but I haven't lost either. 

Finally, I talked to the NP I see every visit. She said I'm on track, just need to keep going. I do take my vitamins regularly and everything looks good. (She had me up my iron a couple weeks ago). When I see my doctor, I do need to ask about getting my hormone levels checked. Other than that, I need to have an upper scope (November 17, 7am) to check my esophagus for Barrett's Disease  http://www.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/guide/barretts-esophagus-symptoms-causes-and-treatments 

After I saw everyone at the bariatric clinic, I saw my sleep disorder doctor for a check up. My cpap is now fully auto instead of pressurized at 9-12. This is the last step to hopefully being off the machine in about a year. I know it's a process, I hope I will get there. 
My one year date is on the 30th. 
I've come so far and way too fast. 

The best is yet to come! 

23 September, 2016

Foods I eat now post RNY surgery

I was worried that I would have to give up foods before I had the surgery. Now I know that it is all about choices. I can have just about anything. I chose to have healthier options. 
These are my go to. 

Chicken tortilla soup 
4 chicken breasts (can put them in frozen or thawed) 
2 15 oz cans black beans (undrained) 
1 15 oz cans Mexican stewed tomatoes or Rotel 
1 cup salsa (mild, med or hot- whatever you prefer) 
4 oz can chopped green chilies 
14 oz can tomato sauce 
1 can corn (drained)

All in slow cooker on low for 8 hours. Just before serving, remove and cut/shred chicken and return to soup. Serve with (or over) chips and grated cheese.

White Chicken Chili

1 pound skinless boneless chicken breasts, cubed to bite size 
vegetable oil (about a Tablespoon to cook the chicken in) 
1 Tablespoon cumin 
1 16oz jar of salsa (I use Chi-Chi’s usually, and you can choose how hot of salsa depending on how hot you want your chili. I use mild.) 
1 48 oz jar of Great Northern White Beans, including juice 
1 8 oz block of Pepperjack cheese (jalapeno cheese) shredded (I use the whole block, you can use 4 to 8 oz of it, also depends on how hot you want your chili)

Sour cream optional 
Taco chips optional

Cook chicken in oil just until not pink. Add cumin, stir to coat. Add in jar of salsa, stir in. Add in entire jar of beans, stir and heat through. Slowly add the cheese, a bit at a time. (It can seize up and take longer to melt if you add too much.) Heat through and serve immediately. (If it cooks too long, the beans can get mushy).

Top with sour cream if you want and eat with taco chips, if you want. :D YUM! Fast and easy and tasty. 

Enchilada casserole

1 lb ground turkey- cooked and drained
1 large can red mild enchilada sauce
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup diced bell pepper
2 cups Monterey Jack cheese or pepper jack cheese
6 corn tortillas shredded
Mix everything together
Bake for about 20 minutes at 350 or until cheese melts. 

I omit the tortillas and serve on heart of romaine leaves. 

Sammie boat
Cold cuts
Veg (tomatoes, banana peppers, olives, pickles) 
Stone ground mustard
Heart of romain leaves. 

Use the leaves for the base, build a mock sandwich

Meat a la King 

1 lb Ground meat- cooked and drained (I like chicken breast or turkey)
Garlic powder\
Onion powder- to taste
Pepper /
1 pkg mixed veggies steamers- cooked
1 can cream of mushroom soup (low sodium)
1 can cream of chicken soup ( low sodium) 
1 pkg egg noodles- (I pull one cup of sauce for me before adding noodles) 
Mix together in 9x13 pan
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs (or crushed pork rinds with Italian seasoning added)
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes 

Pork and beans
1 16 oz bag of dried pinto beans
4 pork chops or 1 lb of ham- chopped up
1 cup onion
2 cloves chopped garlic or 1 tbl dried garlic
1/2 cup diced carrots
1/2 cup celery- chopped
1 tbl dark brown sugar
6 cups water

Add to instant pot or other pressure cooker
Cook as meat setting for well done
When de pressurized, stir. Reset for a 15 minute cook. Let it release on its own. 
Serving size is 1 cup. 

Taco salads- everything you like in a taco, without the tortilla

Egg roll/ wonton pizza
On a parchment lined cookie sheet- spray with oil. 
Place wrapper
Bake at 350 for 5-7 minutes
Add pizza sauce and toppings of choice. 
Bake an additional 5-7 minutes. 

Pepperoni chips
On paper prowl, put a dozen pepperoni rounds
Microwave about a minute. 
Pat grease off. 
Let cool. 
Use for chips or eat as a crunch. 

Peppers and cheese
Mini sweet peppers- cut length wise and seeded
Low fat string cheese cut in four 
Pizza sauce
Can add pepperoni

Place one fourth in each half of pepper. 
Put on cookie sheet
Bake 350 for 12-15 minutes. 
Use pizza sauce as dip. 

More I eat/drink: 
Refried beans with taco sauce, cheese, and sour cream
Greek yogurt! A main stay for me!! 
Core power lite protein drink
Alpine sugar free spiced hot cider
Cocotein protein drink
Crystal light
Vitamin water zero
Decaf coffee/tea
Fairlife milk

Links I use: you do not have to be bariatric to eat these foods. Sarge eats with me.


21 September, 2016

Non scale victories- NSV

A year ago I wrote a list of things I hoped to be able to do once I had gastric bypass surgery. 
I will mark, in bold, the ones I accomplished in the order in which I wrote them. 
1. Tie my shoes without hassle
2. Touch my toes
3. Sit in an airplane seat without an extender
4. Feel comfortable sitting in the back seat of a car
5. Play cars with the grandcubs on the floor
6. Ride a roller coaster. 
7. Go down water slides
8. Wear size 10 pants
9. wear a medium top
10. Buy calf boots that fit and zip

11. Purchase clothes from a regular size store
12. Go hiking
13. Walk a 5k

14. Ride a bike
15. Walk up a flight of stairs without panting
16. Walk fast enough not to hurt my hubby
17. Walk the boardwalk and pier

18. Climb a pool ladder
19. Go horseback riding
20. Be told I'm tiny
21. Fit in a restruaunt booth
22. Take an Amtrack trip
23. Easily cross my legs
24. Sit Indian/crisscross style
25. Wrap a bath towel around me
26. Pull the car seat forward
27. Wear my husband's clothes 

28. Feel pretty
29. Walk a corn maze
30. Build snowmen in the yard with grandcubs

Two-thirds of the NSV's I wrote down have been accomplished. What amazes me is the amount, over the year, that I didn't write down. I think my husband has gotten sick of me pointing out new things I have accomplished. Most people take these small things in stride. I hope I never do. 

Week 51 post op RNY

This has been a wild year of changes for me. A year ago I started my preop diet on the 16th with hopes of making my liver less fatty so the doctor would not refuse me for surgery. 
At the time I thought that I would live a life without worrying about food choices because I couldn't eat anything anyways. Now I know that every day I worry more about food than I ever did in the past. This is a good thing in a weird way. I no longer take it that on a trip we can just hit a restruaunt, I have to look at the menu as much as I can and determine if I can eat there. I need to remember to pack my food, always carry nuts, a protein bar or jerky in my purse. I don't leave home without a beverage. I meal plan and only cook 2x a week now instead of daily like before. I eat different from my husband  but because it is only the two of us, this is not a big deal. 
I think the hardest part of the last year has been meals with our kids. They are completely understanding in my new choices, but because they are not here everyday, I think they forget. When going out to eat, I will ask that a bread basket not be brought to our table if it is just Sarge and I. We have eliminated gluten from our diet. It doesn't Agee with Tazzy and Sarge is happier without it. Our kids and grands however, do eat bread, pasta, pizza, and such. I have found that Mexican food restruaunt is an easy place for all of us to turn to instead of a steakhouse or Italian restruaunt. 
The main thing I have learn in the last year is that the doctor fixed my tummy, not my head. This is a massive mind fuck on learning how and when to eat again. Is it real hunger (I have not had this yet) or is it head hunger? Real hunger is when you feel empty, low on gas, possibly get the shakes. You will eat anything just to get fuel for your body. I eat by the clock about every 3 hours getting in at least 15g protein. I don't let myself get "hungry". Head hunger on the other hand is real. It is when you smell popcorn, when the snacks you bought (even healthy ones) call out to you. I have learned I cannot have certain things in the house , they are outside treats. 
Popcorn, to be enjoyed when we go to the movies or when we plan a movie night. 
Mock cheesecake, only allowed on special occasions and only one serving. 
Wonton pizza, once a month on pizza night. 
Fruit, must eat protein with it. 
This year has not only been about food though. It has been about reflecting on me and my choices. I still say I was not a food addict, I was more obsessed. I turned to food in times of all emotions. Happy, I celebrated with food, sad, I cried with food, angry, I cooked food. I have had to learn how to deal with emotions without food. Food is a fuel, nothing more. I do see that I still try to feed my family. I can't have....fill in the blank, but I can't deny them, so I buy it, they eat it, I'm happy...this is not healthy and I am working on it. 
I am learning we eat to live not live to eat.