26 July, 2016

Week 43: A goal achieved

I talk about it on my YouTube video but I have finally lost over 100 lbs. 

23 July, 2016


I did this back in 2011. It's update time. 

A: Attitude. I have one. 
B: Bariatric patient- Surgery was 9/30/15
C: College student. Not sure for how much longer. 
D: Disorganized. Yep, type B personality and all that. My house is always cluttered and I am always to trying to fix that but get distracted and find things that are more fun than cleaning.
E: Eleanor. My aunt that I always wanted to be like. She did what she wanted, when she wanted but was very grounded and much of a Grande Dame.
F: Fashion Train. I think I got off this a long time ago. I like ease and comfort even when I have to dress up. My go to clothes are leggings and a top. 
G: Gramma (not Grandma- no kids pronounce it like that) 
H: History. This is a passion of mine. I love to learn what has happened in the past.
I: Internet- the place I have met most of my friends before meeting them in person. 
J: Jeremy is my son. I am proud of how he has landed on his feet in the life choices he has made.
K: Knitter. Yes, with a capital K. I also crochet, spin, weave and tat.
L: Laughter. I love to laugh. A day without laughter is a lost day to me.
M: Married. I am married to the most wonderful man, who at times can drive me completely nuts. I would not change this for anything!
N: Not shy. I am a people person. I like crowds but do not like to be the center of attention.
O: Opinionated. If you ask for it, I will give it to you. If you don't like my answer, ask someone else.
P: Podcaster. I host The High Fiber Podcast.
Q: Quilter. I learned last year. 
R: Rain. The smell of, the patter from. Calming. 
S: Student. I attend Baker College online and in Muskegon. I hope to be finished up by spring 2017.
T: Teal or turquoise. My power colors.
U: Unique. One of a kind.
V: Veronica is my daughter. She is quirky and fun and I love her so. So proud of the lady she has become. 
W: Winner- afraid of failure. 
X: eXercise. I try to exercise everyday. I am getting better at it as I have to for my health. I like dancing, walking and yoga. 
Y: Yarn. I love yarn. I use it, collect it, make it, admire it, pet it...yeah I am addicted to it.
Z: Zeal for life. 

14 July, 2016

Week 41: When all else fails...

Take measurements. 
I have been feeling sort of down because I'm bouncing the same numbers and have still not hit 100 pounds down. I know I shouldn't compare, but I watch others that lose 100 in 6 months and I get discouraged. I have to remember that the first 6 months everything was the surgery because I couldn't exercise. 3 months in I had another abdominal surgery that took 3 months to heal. But dang it, I have been feeling like a failure. Then, I saw my measuring tape sitting on the table. I may not be losing weight, but I am still losing inches! 20.75 inches across my different body parts I have kept track of. Bust, waist, belly and hips lost the most as well as my thighs. I'm a bit happier. 
Last night I tried a new fruit since surgery. I spent a while with dumping. I love fruit but it just takes tiny Tazzy time to get used to each one. Because I was feeling off, I did not go to college. In the long run, I think I have been stressing too much about school and I need to take a step back and reevaluate how I am treating me. I come first. Yes, I need to graduate but I don't need to graduate so bad I hurt my health. Everything in moderation. 
I have started walking in between classes. I was missing my 2 mile walk and the last 2 days I have walked the campus so I get that in. This has been my happy.
How have you found your happy today? 

10 July, 2016

My Weight loss journey

I have started a YouTube channel for my Weight loss journey. 

08 July, 2016

Week 40 post RNY. - 9 months

Wow how time has flown. 
This adventure gets better each week. 

Not everything is a basket of roses, I tried sugar free chocolate and dumped so bad I didn't want to move. I just wanted to cry. Next day I was up and use it as a learns lesson. I don't need sugar free chocolate, so it doesn't need to go in my tummy. 
Food however, is becoming easier. I know the choices I am supposed to make and making them is easy. Good food means I feel good. I like that. This last weekend we. Headed out for our first out of town adventure since I had surgery. Yes, sadly we don't go away very often. I took my basics with me. Core power light protein drinks for breakfast, protein bars for lunch or 1/2 for snack time. I had PB thins, jerky, quest chips and other snack if we needed them. I had planned dinners out. The first night we went to Cracker Barrel. Normally I would not think this was a healthy place to eat, but Sarge wanted it so I knew I had to find healthy on the menu. I was able to order a side of pinto bean and 3 grilled chicken tenders. Healthy and yummy. So yummy, I made a pressure cooker pot of beans with ham tonight for dinner: 
In pressure cooker put
1 pkg dried pinto beans (16oz)- rinsed and sorted
8 cups water
1 lb ham- chopped
1 tbl dark brown sugar
1 tsp garlic powder
1 cup chopped onion
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp parsley

Cook on high for 30 minutes at pressure. Let the pot depressurize. Stir, add a bit of dry mustard. Repressurize and cook for 10 minutes. Serve. 
Mfp gives me these stats: 10 servings- 11g protein, 3 fiber, 10 carbs, 5 fat, 126 calories

Other meals we tried out on the road
Qdoba- very good
Dead Bear Brewery- very good- I only had 3 fries. 

Burger King- not good- hurt the tummy even though it was grilled chicken salad.
Grocery store run for turkey meat, pepper jack cheese, yogurt, bai drinks, and nuts. 
We did have grilled meat and chopped salad while at one friends and baked chicken while at another. My tummy handled the adventure vey well and I didn't feel deprived at anytime. 
As to the stats, I started mid September at 315 lbs, surgery 9/30/15 at 302 lbs, my current weight is 217 lbs. my journey continues. 

25 May, 2016

Kanga gets new glasses.

Think of the cars from the movies Cars. Their eyeballs were their windshield. 
Yeah, KANGA , my 98 Subaru Legacy a Outback had a crack from one eye to the other. 
So, we called the insurance agent and she had optical coverage. 
Today, the doctor made a house call. 
Then I took off the bandages
She just needs a bath and will be better than ever. 

24 May, 2016

Week 34 post Gastric Bypass

September, 2015- 315 lbs
January, 2016
Today- 220.4 lbs
I have come so far. 
I have so far to go. 
I am loving the journey!