28 October, 2015

Letting go- Week 4 post bariatric surgery

I am now into stage three of eating post hospital clear liquid. 
Stage one was liquids only- broth, protein shakes, popcicles, jello.
Stage two added yogurt, refried beans, ricotta or cottage cheese, maltomeal, cream soups, and mushy veggies.
Stage 3 allows me to add some meats. I'm not allowed red meats, pork or lamb. It was suggested I try turkey lunch meat first as it is thin and moist. I can also add eggs. This is if Tazzy allows me to add these things. 
On Saturday I added 1 ounce of Oscar Meyer mesquite turkey. Tazzy didn't hate it, but was a bit more active than normal. I was ok. 
On Sunday I tried a low fat string cheese. Ate it very slowly and chewed..and chewed..and chewed. So satisfying! 
Tuesday night I added enchilada sauce to ground turkey. Added a bit of refried beans and ricotta cheese as sides and was very happy with my meal. 
Today, 4 weeks from surgery, I had one scrambled egg with 2tsp of shredded cheese and cracked pepper. I was told to watch out for eggs as some people cannot digest them well. It's been a half hour since I finished and all seems ok. 
However, I was adding the meal to my fitness pal. Now, for the last two weeks I have had a triple zero Greek yogurt and 2 tablespoons of PB2 for breakfast. That is 165 calories and 20g of protein. The egg and cheese- 190 calories and 13g of protein. I'm supposed to get over 60g of protein a day. I think I will have eggs on special occasions but for now, I will stick with yogurt for breakfast. 
I found an article on proteins: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/high-protein-foods and will be trying out different items so I'm not stuck in a rut. 

I did have a loss this week I am at 281.4. We got a new scale that measures everything. I'm going with my top weight from the doctors office of 315lbs and I have lost 33.6lbs since all this started. I will take the small loss and walk with it. Oh, walking, I am up to 40 minutes at 2.5mph. Huge advancement from where I began. Knee twinges have been less this week. I'm thinking of buying a Weider Ultimate gym, like a total gym but reviews are better on Amazon. I won't be able to use it until I am cleared by the doctor on exercising abs and cleared by the GYN about my cyst. 

As to Barnicle Bill the cyst- yes, I named it. I name everything! The doctor wants me to go in for an MRI on the 10th. I have to do blood work on the 2nd for it. I hope eviction day comes soon after. I'm not in pain, just really don't want to hang on to something that is not necessary. 

Talking about hanging on to things that are not necessary, part of losing weight is also finding myself. Not a midlife crisis type of finding myself, but getting back to who I feel I am. Part of that is letting go.

 Letting go of stuff- 3 trips to goodwill so far.

Letting go of the negative- I'm a positive person who is a realist. I don't care for negativity in my life and even the smallest amount can affect my attitude. Dance when you can, dance harder when you shouldn't! 

Letting go of toxic people- in my "oh so wise" 46 years of life, I have learned that my gut is something I have to listen to. When someone comes into my life, I get a gut reaction on how I feel about that person. Lately, a few people have come into my life that have given me a sour tummy. I talked it over with my husband, Sarge, and these people do not need to be in my life. I don't just mean acquaintances, some of these people are related by blood or by marriage in on way or another. I can be civil, as an adult we have to be in certain situations. However, my home is my safe zone and no one enters who is toxic to that environment. 

Letting go of food- I thought food was my friend. I thought food was my empathy partner. When I couldn't get emotional with people or needed to lick my wounds, I turned to food. Now, not so much. I have to remember to eat. I'm not hungry. I don't graze. Yes, I'm only a month out but Sarge asked me last night if I was hungry and the honest answer is no! I still love to cook. Watching him eat and enjoy food is worth the time it takes to cook. Food is something I need to survive not something that gives comfort. This is the change I needed. 
Preop- 3.5 weeks. Same outfit. I can see small changes. 

That is it for this week 


Susan Moore said...

Sounds like you are on sure footing gal. Keep it up.

Frida said...

I name everything too, my vacuum cleaner is Bob. :)

Hữu Tú Trương said...

This is a effort
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