14 April, 2009

Am I here?

Do you ever feel like you just don't fit in? Does it matter to you? I didn't think it did to me, but after tonight I am not so sure. I hope I have never made someone feel the way I did tonight and if I have I want to say I am sorry and will try better never to do it again.
Off to knit now.


Lynda said...

it isn't that you don't fit in! - it's just finding that you didn't fit where you thought you did?

You Do Fit Though

Coggie said...

Thank you.

Heidi said...

I had that very same feeling this weekend, and I so agree with Lynda. I got out my crocheting and 'my people' came to me. I do fit, just not where I thought I did. You would fit with me :) Wish I could come to your retreat and fit in with you all, but America is a bit too far away for me. All my love,

Heidi (in Australia)