13 April, 2009

I'm on track

It is week 15 of the year and I have just finished book 15 and started book 16 of the 52 in 52 challenge to myself.
I read Married in Seattle, which I will count as two books because it has two different stories by Debbie Macomber, First comes Marriage (13) and Wanted: Perfect Partner(14).
I have also read Knit fast, Die Young(15) by Mary Kruger and have started On what grounds by Cleo Coyle. I am learning a lot about coffee lingo from this book. I like a good cup of coffee, but never know what to say when I walk into a coffee house, so maybe now I will sound intelligent when I order. The last two books along with my next in line to read, Through the grinder, were given to me by AnitaT when we met up. Thank you, I am enjoying them.
I have had a few books come across my path since cleaning up my son's closet this weekend. Ones I had been meaning to read and have just not gotten around to it. Tuesdays with Morrie and The Secret have both been added to the reading list.
I have also learned that I love the written books. I think I have given audio books enough of a try that I can say I like reading for myself. I know blasphemy in today's age, but I do like podcasts, so I can listen to those while I knit or spin and read when I want to read. I do want to try a kindle though. Not sure if it will appeal to me as I love books, but being able to carry it around without fear of dog earring the pages would be a happy thought for me. Not that I can afford a kindle anytime soon, but I am sure the price will come down a bit soon.
On knitting, I finished my computer mitts and love them. I frogged a few projects, cleaned up my yarn stash and put it away in its own closet and started a triangular shawl out of the Noro. The cheese scarf I was planning on was just to fiddely for me at this time. Maybe later.

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Sunsetknitter said...

I agree with you Coggie about a "real" book. I like to hold a book in my hands too. I'm an avid podcast and audiobook listener. But I do love a book. I like book stores even more. So much out there to read, and not enough time.