19 April, 2009


This week I took stock of all of my projects...


At home: I need to finish rearranging the living room and dining room to make the dining room a computer spot with my large desk, move the couches and TV around for summer to open up the room (steam cleaning in the process so I can finally give Deborah back her cleaner). I also need to get the headboard put on my bed and the dressers straightened out.

In college: I need to read up on Uruguay and either write a 10 page APA paper or do a 50 slide power point. Then I need to figure out what employee law I want to tackle and write another 10 page paper.

In crafting: I really need to finish these baby blankets for the military, the Sarges sweater and scarf, as well as my daughters sweater. I might be ripping that out and restarting it though. 100_6233I am loving the way the shawl is turning out in Noro, even though Noro itself is not my favorite yarn type, silk Garden is ok, except for the VM in it. I also have a couple of pairs of socks that are getting worked on now that I am back to at school classes instead of online classes.

That seems like a lot now that I have it down, but really it is all going to get done.

One day.

Some faster than others.

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Megan said...

I know the feeling, but I'm sure you'll get through all of it. Good luck!