07 March, 2009

Fiber Saturday

Today I again watched Little Z. She is such a good baby for me. She sleeps all the time...maybe I am just boring. While I was watching her, my daughter ran to the American Legion and was interviewed for Girls State. This is something put on at Michigan State University each year and Boo is a candidate for it. Please keep your fingers crossed; this would be a great week away for her, in the summer. It will not hurt her college entry papers either. *grin*

While this all was going on, I finished up my I love this February Lady Sweater out of I love this Cotton. The yarn is yummy and soft, I hope it wears well. I picked up the buttons for the sweater during the last LNYP at City Knitting. I love the way they look on it. I want to get a picture of me wearing it but it was raining and overall yucky all day, maybe later this week.

On top of that, I decided to dye up the wool I bought last week at the farm.
100_5993The Natural color of the wool
100_5995after the first dip in the dye
100_5994Second dip in the dye
100_5996Boiled wool, mmmmm yeah not a smell I care for. Oh and I need to pick up some rubber gloves. My hands are just a shade lighter than that now.

100_5999I also need to purchase a salad spinner. Good thing I have my Walking sticks strung between the cabinets in my kitchen, the yarn can drip into the sink.

Dyeing done Finished the dyeing up the 1300 or so yards of DK weight.
Love the way the blues and pinks come together in the yarn. One skein did not get much pink though, I still like it all. I was thinking of making a sweater out of it, but I think it is now screaming shawl, so I will have to look up patterns and see what talks to me.
Raspberry wine is from a Michigan vineyard. I like their winter wines, this one is new to me and pretty good.

52 books in 52 weeks news:
Book 10-11 and 12 are finished.
10- This must be love-- a fun romance/mystery
11- 1776 -- The Sgt and I enjoyed this audio book together
12- The Tales of Beedle the Bard -- Good wrap up of the stories in book 7.
I need to get crackin' on reading.

Podcast news:
If you are a listener to the podcast that Bams and I do - The High Fiber Diet, you might have had difficulties downloading the latest episode. We are not sure if it is MyPodcast or iTunes having problems, but they do not seem to like each other, so Bams is currently trying to relocate all of our casts onto another site. Check out the show notes or see the Ravelry group for my information. Sorry about the problems and thank you for listening.


Jillsknit said...

My aunt was a leader for Girl's State in MInnesota for many years. She always had wonderful stories about the girls that came. Good luck to your daughter!

bethanyg said...

mmm, love the sweater and the yarn! They both turned out great!

Sunset Knitter said...

Your FLS is beautiful!