04 March, 2009

Happy Birthday King Tut

One year ago, very early in the morning, my big kitty was born.

This photos it just tut I think he was just over a week and his eyes were just opening

Here is momma Coco with her babies. They are about 3 weeks old here

This photos it just tut I think he was 6 weeks old here and as you can tell he was King of the house.

Now he is a huge kitty. He does run the house, sleeps where he wants and has almost as many toys as I have. He does not like to share these toys with Spotters. His favorite thing to do is sleep in the sunshine and watch for any flying thing in the house (yes he chases dust)

Doesn't he look happy in his Birthday shot.

I also received my swap package from the MA Who's your partner swap about color.
My partner ended up being CathV-S and she did her research on me. She sent along kool-aid dyed Nature spun yarn in the colorway "Coggies Sunset". I tried and tried to get the color to come out like what it is in person. The pinks ,blues, oranges,purples, golds and browns, make the yarn look like a sunset over the desert. I am so in love. Plus. My family now thinks I am nut-so as I have made everyone sniff the yarn since it came into the house. It smells like a fruit salad LOL

100_5982 The picture at the bottom is a watercolor that Catherine painted for me. I love it. I am not sure how she figured out that I collect miniatures, as I don't think I have ever mentioned it, but I will be finding a frame for it and adding this lovely art to my collection.
Thank you so much for this swap package. You are wonderful!


Megan said...

Aww, King Tut is so cute. I bet that's exactly how my Weasley looked when he was really little.

What are you going to make with your beautiful new yarn?

Amy said...

Aww! That means my lucky Ethel is also one year old today! Happy birthday to them both, and to thier brother(s) and sister(s.)

Coggie said...

yep, Ethel is one, as is Snickers and Pandora.
Happy birthday ocean flavor wet food for all.

Coggie said...

Megan, Not sure what I am going to make yet. I am not done sniffing it yet *grin*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, King Tut! He is TOO CUTE! Still looks like a baby to me, though!

Knit Witch said...

OMG!!!! Those pictures are SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!