14 March, 2009

Road Trip


Deborah and I left the house at about 9 am. We headed south and out of Michigan. We made into Indianapolis about lunch time and went to a quaint little yarn store Broad ripple yarnsBroad Ripple Knits. They had wonderful walls filled with colors and textures that made us want to pet for hours. The manager was very nice and helpfulMgr BRK. We both made purchases, Deb some needles and I, some Malabrigo worsted, YUM!
We did not have hours in which to play, so we asked for a good local restaurant for lunch. There was one within walking distance. Three sister cafe
The Three Sisters Cafe, named for the Native American belief of a balanced meal of squash, maize and beans. Both of us decided to go Vegetarian, Deb got grilled veggie flatbread (the mushrooms were to die for-Deb); I had the Greek veggie clubYummy garden sandwich.
Both came with homemade applesauce that was “to die for”.
Lacy from the three sister cafe Lacy was wonderful!
Before leaving we picked up two scones for the road. If you are ever in Indianapolis, I highly recommend this cafĂ©! (Me too!-Deb)Then we were off again, this time heading into Louisville. Entering Louisville We made into Sophie’s Fine Yarn Shoppe in time for sit and knit. The ladies here allowed us to join in and knit for a while with them.
Ladies at Knit Night
We chatted, took photos and got information on a good place for dinner. We tried to find it, but the GPS got us lost twice, so we settled on good Scottish food *read McDonalds* and headed for Hillsdale to a Ramada for the night. Yes, one day I want to see all those ugly lamps you all talked about.


Off and going again at 9 am, I am so not a morning person.

We headed into Nashville first, and went to Bliss Yarns.
Bliss Yarns There I was talking about the road trip and one of the podcast listeners mentioned she had heard I was traveling... I get to meet a listener! Whoot!
SallySwor on Ravelry, She allowed me to get a photo with her and gave us a yarn store to look up on our way back through TN.
We then headed to the Fresh Grocery store; we decided to pick up a picnic lunch to eat at a park on the way.
Did you know that I65 has no rest stops along it anywhere in Tennessee?
Yeah neither did we.We drove the Blue Star HWY
We finally found a State park Henery Hortin State Park TN to pull off to (and travel forever to find) in which to eat our lunch at. We made it a Car-nic though; too cold to do a picnic by the time we ate.
We were both very happy when we made it into Alabama and found a rest stop just a mile inside the border.MeDeb at AlabamaRocket
Then we were off to Birmingham. I am sorry to anyone who lives around there, but your rush hour SUCKS! We went 3 miles in an hour. We pulled off and had dinner and waited until almost 8pm to get back on the road. We had to make it to Columbus that night. We got in about 11pm.
Very long, tiring day and the weather was yucky, we were happy to see the hotel.

6:30 am...we had to be to the base by 9. We made it!
No Yarn shopping today. We did go to the PX where I was able to pick up a few things for the Sarge and then I asked to come back to the hotel so I could be a good student and do my homework. Deb and her son went out; I was able to get a couple of day’s worth of homework done before they came back. We all then went out for Chinese food. I would have more pictures from today, but when we could take photos, it was pouring rain, so nope.

I called the Sarge and he told me I received another package in the mail. He also told me he is painting Boo's bedroom. Won’t tell me the colors though. *sigh* I miss them. This is a good get away, but I will be ready to be home when I get there.
Hugs all, I will update as I can.


dnaprice said...

Sounds like and exhausting but fun trip. Glad you made it to the base in time. Thank you for sharing your and Deb's adventures with us

bethanyg said...

Sounds like you're having so much fun! Hello to Deb :)