22 January, 2017

Rambles at the beginning of 2017

Welcome 2017!
Yes, I know, I'm late. January is not over yet, so all is still good. 
We woke up to 2017 instead of ringing it in. It was a quiet day and we are good with that. I believe in "start as you wish to go on", so I cast on a new knitting project and Sarge ended up cleaning his pistols. Things we both enjoy doing and hope to do more of during this year. We had Black eyed peas and ham for dinner for luck of the new year. Other than that, it was movie day. Nothing fancy. 
The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful for us. Transitions with college for me and job for him. Hopefully, soon, I will be in that job place so I can take the stress off him. Between us though, I think we are stronger than ever. 
Any major event can put a strain on a relationship. We have faced huge moves, job changes, deployments, and my weight loss surgery. Every time, we talked our way through it. We have had our ups and downs, but by communicating along the way, we stay on track, together. Each time we are told by someone that the act is statistically supposed to break us apart. I think huge changes in life can break some people apart. I also think that their relationship was not strong before the change and therefore could not withstand that change. If you are able to see the change, communicate about it, and see the positive in it, then you should be able to come out the other side much better than you were before.
We have survived.
Hopefully we will continue to survive.
When I met him, back in 1995, I never thought we would be together this long. In two weeks, we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.
I would say yes all over again.
I hope you feel the same about the one you are with.

Stay positive and communicate!

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