24 December, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! 
The presents are wrapped and the stockings are ready to be filled. 
I talked with a friend yesterday. I'm still not feeling great about how the RD treated me, but I need to not take it personal. 
I am going to refocus. I need to start eating on a schedule again. 
3 meals at certain times- same every day. 
If I am hungry in between and have had my liquids, then I can have a snack. 
I'm going to keep the meals to 50% protein/veg mix. 
Snacks need to be protein rich like a Greek yogurt or cheese. 
I'm going to get popcorn back to being an occasional thing. 
Water and teas need to become my main drinks again. 
I'm going to try to stick to Whole Foods as much as I can. 
1000 calories... I'm not worrying about hunger, as I really don't feel that. It's being more mindful when I am eating. 
I can do this

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