30 January, 2017

16 Months

16 months post RNY Gastric Bypass
HW: 315
CW: 217.4

Exercise routine: 

5 miles on Recumbent bike at setting 3
I took 3 days off while recovering. 
I will change it up for February and add hand weights. 

Seeing collar bones
Smaller wedding ring
Noticing more shrinkles
Shoveling snow
Able to pull off knee high boots without unzipping

I had a esophagus ablation last week. Everything came out ok. 
I'll have a biopsy in 2 months and another ablation a bit after that. 
It leaves me with a husky voice and need of a liquid/soft food diet for a bit. 

I'm not as far as I want to be but each day I get a bit closer. Sometimes I get discouraged because I have not met goal. I have to remember this has not been a straight path for me. I have had procedures since the main surgery. I just need to keep my sight on my goals. Failure is not an option

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