23 December, 2016

Week 64: The one where I'm pissed

Saw Doctor Foote today. I have to have ablations done to my esophagus. He also told me that by no means should I be at 1400 calories. He has never seen loss of weight to meet goal over 1000. He wants me to drop back down and do what I was doing at 6 months out instead. 
My feelings, I am pissed and hurt. My dietitian knew that I had been frustrated. I did not understand why she was bumping up my carbs. I have lost faith in her and will not be taking information from her anymore. I know I have to see her because it is part of the plan, but I am not going to be sabotaged. I guess I should be thankful that I now know my range to maintain is 1200 calories. I just feel that I have wasted 6 months of my golden period with a dietatian who does not understand RNY surgery. 
I am slowly dropping back to 1000 calories from 1400. I will see the whole team in March and I hope to be in the 100s by then. 
My macros are 1000 calories. 60-80g protein and under 60 carbs. The rest should fall into place. 
Exercise: I just finished a 21 ab workout I am pushing to 31 days. 
I am starting a 21 day butt work out. Squats are my downfall but my ass needs it! 
The ladies at the retreat bought me a recumbent bike. I love it! My goal is 5 miles 3x a week. I also need to get back to the treadmill. I want to put 2 miles 3x a week on it. So the routine will be:
100 crunches
100 squats 
50 push-ups

M-W-F: bike
T-Th-Sa: treadmill
Sunday- total gym. 
I want to bring in the gym more, but I need to work back up to it. 

I'm going to try to channel the anger I feel into my workouts and push through. 
I'm hurt that I cannot trust someone that is supposed to have my best interest, and my health,  at heart. 

The ablation scares me but the doctor told me how easy it is and that I will have a few follow up procedures to make sure it is all taken care of. I do trust him. 

Side note: 
I gave Dr. Foote a pair of hand knit socks as a thank you and Christmas present. 

I gave the team hand knit cowls and scarves. 

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