22 November, 2016

Week 60

I got into my husband's jeans

Fully zipped and buttoned! 

This is a huge NonScale Victory!! 

I guess I should say why this is important to me. I bought my first pair of Levi's in 8th grade. They were a mens 40/32. Back then, they stamped the size on the back waist patch. I was happy to have jeans, but embarrassed of the size, so I cut the waist tag off. The jeans I have on here are smaller than my first pair of jeans. These are 36/34. 

Getting in my husband's pants, or more to the point of getting him out of them, has never been a problem. Getting into his jeans has long been a goal. I've never been able to wear a boyfriends or husband's clothes, like most girls just take for granted. It's all new to me. 

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