07 February, 2016

Week 18 post RNY- the end, half way and new beginnings.

Wow, this is a bit of a roller coaster ride. 
I go down, down, down. Level off see a few bumps then down again. This week I went a little sideway too. 
After Barnacle Bill was evicted the 28th of December, I was put on a very low dose of HRT. Well, I went to lie down one evening and I stayed still but the room spun. It kept spinning until I sat back up. I hollered for Sarge and he was quick to help me. I had a glass of water, took measure of what had happened and slowly laid back down. As soon as I could, I called into my doctors office. It was a Friday morning. My doctor was on vacation until Tuesday and the nurse consulted with the on call doctor. He had never dealt with this problem with someone who had rny surgery. So, the conclusion was not to put on a new HRT patch, wait it out with the one I had on until Tuesday. Basically weaning it down to nothing. I did this. On Tuesday, I was advised to take off the patch. I might have enough estrogen in my fat cells that the HRT was putting me over the top and causing problems. I do feel better now. I have not had any adverse side effects of menopause yet. No hot flashes, no more mood swings than normal. No dizziness either. 
At the same time, I was in a slow down on weight loss. I attributed this to just having surgery and I was disappointed but not surprised. However, within 2 days of taking the HRT patch I broke the slow down and made it to 1/2 my excess weight lost. Yep, I am 75# down from surgery. 
I earned my goal present: 
I found my lap
I cut off my hair 
I'm back to exercising every other day. Soon, every day. I will be adding weights after I get the ok from the doctor. I see her on the 23rd. 

For food, I have go tos that are easy: 
Triple zero yogurt
Balanced breaks
Lunch meat and cheese roll me overs
Mixed nuts
Core power shakes

More cooking: 
Mushroom crust pizza
Pepperoni chips
Roasted chick peas
Beef or bison enchiladas
White chicken chili
Smoked sausage with steamed cabbage

Not so much anymore:
Quest bars
Perky jerky
Any other protein shake

sugar free hot apple cider
Spring water - without sulfate & sodium

In other news, I started my yarn shop this last week. 

I am having fun and hoping to supplement our income. 

I have gained so much more than I have given up. 
I'm looking forward to finding out who I am. 



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