24 January, 2016

16 weeks post Gastric Bypass surgery

16 weeks does not equal 4 months. Another 10 days until that post. 
I am healing well from cyst surgery. I still have tenderness and move a bit slow, but I am off pain meds and getting back to my new normal. 
My main goal was to get back to exercise. 3 days this week I was able to walk on the treadmill for a mile at 2.5 and an incline of 3 for 1/2 of it. I should be back to 2 miles soon. I also did one workout on the total gym with leg presses and arm pulls. Nothing too hard on my core. 
I am trying to push my food intake to 1000 calories. I get 800 and then have to push the next 200. An extra snack in the evening is really hard to get down. I'm trying. 
I haven't lost anything according to the scale this week. So, as per normal, I had Sarge take my measurements. 

Here are my preop stats. Only thing wrong was I was at 315 lbs not the 313 it states. Next to it are my measurements from today. 


September 2015

January 2016
Big changes! 
I'm trying to stay positive by taking a daily selfie so I can see my changes. I seem to have body image issues when I look in the mirror. I still see myself as bigger. Yesterday I was shopping with Boo and she had to tell me to grab a smaller size because I reached for a 3x like was the norm before. This is a good problem to have. 
4 lbs to 1/2 of my excess weight gone. Not lost because I don't want to refind it. I am changing for life because I want to live. 


livin4fishin said...

Great job Coggie! I too have an image issue. I have lost 52 lbs and still see the bigger me in the mirror. "Inside out weight loss" podcast has been helpful for the inside issues. Maybe check it out! You look great! I really enjoy your posts!

lisa said...

You look fabulous and I hope that you feel super proud of yourself!