22 October, 2015

Three weeks post op

My scale held steady this week. I had read about the week three stall online. I was prepared, but it's still a bit disappointing. But, my body is "normal" and it is adjusting from not only the surgery but also from the lack of caloric intake. I'm getting better at getting my 64oz of water and my 60g of protein. In order for me to see that everything was ok, I asked Sarge to retake my measurements. It has been 5 weeks since I took the preop measurements. I am very happy with the results. 
I think I will do this at least once a month for a while. 
I have had another non scale victory. I was on the treadmill one morning and I knew my yoga pants were loose, but I didn't think they would fall off...yeah...good thing I was at home. I can fold over the top of these pants and put a drawstring in, so I am planning on doing that,soon. They are super comfy pants for exercising. 
Let's talk food! I'm on mushy, puréed food right now. Refried beans, ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, steamed vegetables, cream soup. I could not stomach the hot protein foods from the doctors, so I gave them to the clinic to hand out as samples. If I had had a sample of these, I would never have bought them. One more week of mushy foods then I will try introducing meats, eggs and more real foods. 
I feel good except for my knee which twinges every time I stand up. I also have the barnacle of a cyst. On Tuesday I had an external and internal ultrasound. It is 13cm by 11cm. Yep, grapefruit size. I'm supposed to hear from my doctor on Friday so I will know soon what is going on. 
I think that is all for this update. 

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Susan Moore said...

Dropped your drawers eh?