14 October, 2015

2 weeks out

This last week has been full of changes. 
I was allowed to have soft foods again. My first choices, refried beans with low fat cheese and salsa, mashed potatoes with gravy, cream of mushroom soup, or yogurt. Yum! 
30 minutes before I eat, I stop sipping, I don't start sipping until 30 minutes after I eat. This gives time for the food to digest without being pushed through. I was worried about never feeling that "full" feeling. I have now felt it and know the signs to back off and stop. I won't move on to the next introduction of foods until week 4. 
The scale has been going down. Oh boy has it. 
I was 315 when I started a month ago. That makes for about a pound a day. Wow! 
September 14th
October 14th 

I don't see a lot of change except in my hands and face. 
But I can feel the change as I can walk 20 minutes without being winded. 
I working on a mile, not there yet. 
I have energy! I think the house is getting cleaner than it has been in ages. 
My knee gives me twinges. The last day or two I have had to massage it and put biofreeze on it. Not sure what is up with that. 
Hardest thing right now, getting in my water. 64 oz used to be a breeze to drink. No, not do much. I have done it the last 2 days. 
Next up, I go to see the gyn about that cyst on Friday. 


Wasunwillingclock said...

OMG she's shrinking down to nothing! Congrats Coggie, keep up the good work. Love ya!

Susan Moore said...

Proud of you, this can't be easy, not one bit.

Susan Moore said...
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Susan Moore said...
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