20 September, 2015

Days 4 & 5

Day4- I thought the weekend would be hard with my husband home to cook for. It wasn't. He was supportive. We both had chili for dinner, really the only meal we share. His was homemade, mine was boxed. It was actually tasty. I think I will pick up one of these meals for our trip next weekend. I didn't have a problem getting my protein or water.

Day 5- I had to push myself to eat half way through the day. I just didn't feel like it. I did spend a good portion of the day with food. Grocery shopping, cooking and setting up meals for Sarge for lunches and dinners. I made 3 different types plus homemade granola. The only thing I wanted was the granola. I think I wanted crunch. I do have paleo trail mix in my diet, so I might grab that as a snack tomorrow.
I did order the protein pizza chips from Amazon. I don't mind them and they will work of on the trip. I found them for 1/2 the price the hospital pharmacy sells them for.
I do seem to have more energy and I tend to get hyper right after eating. I danced around the livingroom for twenty minutes tonight. I tried to get Sarge to dance. He just wanted to watch. Ha!
I guess I'm in the rhythm and I just need to keep at it. Almost one week down and my product check (not sure why it is called that) is scheduled for Friday.


Linda said...

I hope things go well for you. Sometimes diets are not a good thing, sometimes just eat more fruits and vegetables, less meat and processed, sugary or salty foods is the best. I wish you only the best.

Sandy Nye said...

What a journey. thank you so much for sharing - Protein pizza chips? Interesting. I know Friday I made pizza from scratch as I normally do, I've cut out the meat, and I weigh the cheese - but when you mentioned the food funeral, I immediately thought of my pizza.