22 September, 2015

Day 6

oh the energy! I feel bouncy!
I was up early yesterday and on the treadmill then did weights. Later, I danced all over my livingroom for 20 minutes. Who am I?
Everything I am eating is gluten free, but I am not on a gluten free diet.
I am eating all processed foods, not because I want to, but because this is what the doctor says is best for me before I have gastric bypass or bariatric surgery.
As to the comments about a healthier diet, don't bother unless you are my doctor. I am  journaling this for me. If you read it and it helps or enlightens you, fine. If you have negative things to say, move on. I don't need it. It took me ten years to get to the point of asking for surgery. Then another year to fight with my insurance company about having it. Obviously I have done my research. You are not me, so do not judge! It is a tool. I still have a lot of hard work in front of me. Anyone who says this is the easy way out of being fat has never been there!
As to day 6, I am feeling so much better than just a week ago. I have found savory choices I can make within the diet and not as many sweets. yesterday I tried the parmasean bites. They calmed my need to crunch while also tasting pretty good.
I have been on my scale. The numbers are going down. I'm not using it as a true weigh in, only a guide. The scale that matters is at the doctors office.
I did have a moment of doubt that I was going down the right path. My wonderful husband, Sarge, talked to me and got my mind back where it should be. He is my support and I am doing this so we can have a long life together that is worth living.
I can do this.
I will do this.


Susan Moore said...

I'm here, cheering you on.

KaRi coggie Wymer said...

Thank you Susan.

sally said...

You are very brave and living a longer GOOD life is a marvelous goal! Rock on!!

Shorty said...

You go, girl!!! I'm proud of you for doing this. (Not that you need to know that since we don't know each other, but I think you're an inspiration to many and it's awesome to see someone reach for their goals.) Thanks for sharing your journey!

Maureen OKeefe said...

Go Girl, you sound like me when I told my sisters, I hesitated to tell you this, but I will only tell you if you will be supportive and not be negative.

This will work for you, you got this.

Sandy Nye said...

You ARE exactly right - its only a tool, its almost as if the media has somehow made it in to something it is not, you do know reality, and you do have your mind in the right space - I admire that! Keep it up, and thank you for journaling, I am learning, I think it will help me!

Sandy/aka angelmum3 on Ravelry