19 September, 2015

Day 3

Day three was much better. I was up early, no headache! I jumped on the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes. I then did some stretches and my meditation- I use the app Simply Being, to relax. 
I am sick of processed foods. Only 3 days in and I want a bite of something that is real, not packed and from a box. I will survive. I am going for savory instead of sweet as most of the sweet I have tasted has made me want to gag. 

I know I got here by loving food. I know I am a foodie at heart. I think this is the process of killing that part of me so I don't want to eat because I enjoy it but so I eat because I have to I order to live. That works for me. It's a brain game and I will be better out the other side. 
I was told to think of how I will reward myself after. If you think about it, we are conditioned from an early age to reward with food. Have a good day, get a cookie. Go to the dentist, get a lollipop (never understood that one). Turn a year older, have cake!. Meet up with friends, have good food and talk. Yeah, I'm going to change how I celebrate. 
My rewards will be a mani/pedi, new tennyrunners, a weekend away, a new skein of yarn, a yard or 2 of fabric... I can meet up with friends and knit, spin or crochet, food can be there, it doesn't mean I have to partake. I am going to try to have a happy pouch after surgery. Will it be easy? No. Will I be tempted? Yes. Am I bigger than temptation? I hope so! 
Only positive thoughts! 
I am looking forward to meeting the new me through all the stages of the process. 
No buyers remorse! 

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