29 September, 2015

Days 13-14

Day 13- 
It is much easier to stay hydrated and eat correctly when I am at home. 
I am super bouncy. I can only seem to sit for 15 minutes and then I want to get up and do something. The house is not spotless, but it is cleaner than it has been in a while. I thought about going through my close to donate some, but I think I will wait and see. Better not to put the cart before the horse. 
I did pack my hospital bag as much as I could. Toiletries and electronics will be packed right before we head out. 
My biggest decision seems to be what to take for my knitting. Not sure I will feel like knitting but it's nice to have it along just in case. Should I bring a small, regular or large needle project. Small is easiest to travel with but will my hands want to work with small needles...ugh! I might just cast something new, mindless and able to be knit under the influence, on the needles. 

Day 14- 
Started out with grocery shopping. I needed a few items from the clinics list for after I get home. I have protein drinks, but wanted some sf Popsicles, jello, almond milk, decaf coffee, and crystal light. I have heard everywhere in my research that getting all your liquids is super important, but hard to do. 
My fears: 
I will not stay hydrated.
The doctor will close me up and send me home unaltered.
That I won't lose the weight.
That I will tear something.

My hopes: 
I will be healthier.
I will have the ability to lead a "normal" life.
That I can, one day, paint my toes without looking like a contortionist. 
I will cross my legs.
That I can, one day, go on roller coasters or water rides with my husband because I am not stopped due to my weight. 

These are just the ones I can think of right now. 
My special food diet ends at 6pm tonight. I am not allowed anything until after surgery tomorrow. 
I am having surgery at North Ottawa Community Hospital. I have to be there at 10:30 am. My surgeon is Dr. Foote. 
I will be in the hospital at least one day if not two. 
I am taking my slippers to walk the halls. 

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Erin said...

Hi Coggie!

First off, good luck tomorrow! My thoughts will be with you! Have you put a non-slip surface on your slippers? Be prepared for the nurses to say no to using them because they'd be a fall risk if they don't have a non-slip surface. Take your time to heal. You know your body best of all, listen to it!