28 September, 2015

Days 10-12

Day 10-
Friday started off with packing for our trip. Getting last minute stuff done and going to the doctors for my last pre op visit. I thought my high weight was 313. Nope, my high was 315. I got on the scale and I was at 303! Yep, 12lbs down!!! I had forgotten my food journal at home, but thankfully I take pictures of everything so I had it in my iPad. The PA was very happy with my intake and everything seems to be a go. I did have to get more blood work done at the lab. When that was finished we headed up north to Traverse City where we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. 

We had fun and attended the Army Strong Bonds event to help strengthen our marriage. 

Day 11- 
I packed all my food for this trip. I knew I would not be able to have anything else. What I forgot was a fork or spoon. So, until lunch, when I could swipe a spoon from Sarge, I had cold meals. It worked out ok but I did go over my allotted calories for the day by 100. I also went over my normal steps by more than doubling them so I am not beating myself up. 
We had fun in the water park (no photos) and then relaxed in our suite. Ordered room service for him so we could eat together. This was a good night to get on the same page with each other. I'm not the only one changing here. 

Day 12-

The day started with the last part of the Strong Bonds event. Then we decided to play tourist. 

Inside the lodge
In Traverse City
Then we decided to tour M22 up the Pinkie of the Mitten. 
We arrived home about 730ish pm. Tired but happy from a fun weekend that let us connect more. 
I did not eat enough on the trip home.i was under by almost 100.  I really have to watch when I am out and about. I am doing well on liquids though. I found I do like crystal light peach tea. Oh, the big thing, I like truvia in my decaf coffee. I think I need to buy a box of the packets. 
Today was also my last day of taking metformin before surgery and if everything goes correctly, my last day of taking it ever. I call that a win! 

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