01 October, 2015

Surgery and the day after

Surgery day- 
I was ready. Not excited, not nervous but ready. Like a calm came over me a I just wanted to get it done. 
Before surgery selfie
We got to the hospital about 1030a and I was taken it surgery about 1230p. Next thing I remember it was about 7 pm and I'm in my room, Boo and Sarge are with me and I was sore and tired. I was sleeping off and on all evening. I remember making Sarge go home about 4am. He was trying to take care of me while being dead on his feet. Too sweet. 

The day after- 
I am sore. I have only been in pain to the point of tears once but I am sore. Thank goodness for ice bags. I am sipping water and trying to get at least 1 ounce of protein drink into me each hour. They are hoping for 2 oz. yeah, I am working on that. 
I'm gassy. The upper part of my tummy is full of painful gas. I feel like I need to cough but can't because my upper tummy is tight.   
The doctor told me he made Tazzy (my pouch) as small as he could. A bit smaller than a walnut. He was also able to fix my hiatal hernia. However, I was told that I have another surgery to look forward to. I have a grapefruit sized cyst on my left ovary. I will see a specialist as soon as I can. 
My after surgery selfie. 
Sarge brought me flowers. 
He loves me😄
I'll keep him.