24 September, 2015

Day 9

One of the nice things about this two week medically imposed diet is that I have not really had to decide what to make for meals. Everything is in one cabinet and one refrigerator drawer. As long as the calories are less than 900 and protein more than 60 at the end of the day, I'm good. My problem, I'm trying to figure out what to take for the weekend so all my meals are covered. I know at least one protein drink a day, maybe bring 2 just in case. Two microwave meals for dinner. 2 bars for breakfast and a half dozen snack bags. I don't think I have ever snacked so much. 
I did pick up snacks for Sarge as well. Granola, nuts, chips... He will also be eating out so I think other than picking up a case of water, we are set. 
Why then do I feel unprepared? 
I have my last pre-op appt. tomorrow. 
I'm nervous that I haven't lost enough. 
Maybe I'm just nervous.. 


Susan Moore said...

It sure sounds like you've got your bases covered and are in control. Journey on.

Sandy Nye said...

I truly can relate to your comment about never have snacked so much, it seems silly, but I believe it, as I know what you mean. Hope you had a GREAT WEEKEND! I do wonder if you and Sarge met with the minister and renewed your vows.... ;)