23 September, 2015

Day 7

The end of week one and one week to surgery- September 30th.
Here is my food journal for the week. Only one day did I go over the recommended calories. Everyday I went over the goal on protein and water.  I kept track of what I put in my pie hole and did not cheat. I think I have too much of a fear of the Doctor going in, then closing me up and sending me home not altered. Yeah, this is a choice I made so I better follow the rules. 
Being full is not a problem. I know I have complained about the food, but it does fill me up. I am also learning to chew every bite at least 32 times as this is necessary to get food small enough for it to go in my pouch. Talking about my soon to be born pouch, I need to name it. Yes, I name everything. 
My spinning wheels are pinkie and pib. My car is Kanga. My knee is stiffy because it is made of zombie parts. What to call my new pouch....
Potato- as in pouch potato
I would say roo, but I had named my other wheel that. 
Maybe Tassy- as I know it will be a devil on some days and Tasmanian Devils have pouches much like Kangaroos... Hmm. Any suggestions? 
Back to the food thing. I am also having to learn not to have water (any liquids) with meals. 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after. This not only gives time for the food to digest without being pushed but it also makes you really taste the food. Only good things do I want to linger for 30 minutes. Yeah... 

Today I am knitting clog slippers to wear at the hospital when I walk. I have started to pack for our weekend away and soon will be packing my hospital bag. 
Thank you all for your support.  


Cynthia Krom said...

That is so interesting. We're usually told to drink a big glass of water before eating to "fill us up!" Thanks for sharing.

Katie O said...

Great job Coggie!!!! Way to commit to the new lifestyle!!!!

Elledub said...

I wish you success on this big adventure. It takes a lot of determination and focus to make this change. I chart my food every day and I guess I'll never stop, because it's just too easy to misjudge my intake otherwise. It is worth it!

Off topic, a couple of weeks ago I dreamed I was visiting you in your home. Your family was so nice and welcoming, and it was a really pleasant dream. I must have been thinking of you as I fell asleep. Thanks for the wonderful dream visit!

Sandy Nye said...

Congratulations on your time away, good for the Army to promote such a positive thing, I am not good at naming things, but I love how you have named things! Clog slippers sound like a good thing, I'm wondering if I should start a Color Affection Shawl for my hospital stay... LOVE KNITTERS! (and crocheters, spinners...)