18 September, 2015

Day 2-

Day 2 started out hard when I tried 2 of the HealthWise products I had picked up for my diet. Both were cloyingly sweet with artificial sweetener. I have been a type2 diabetic for almost two years now. During this time I have found that most artificial sweeteners make me sick. Either tummy sick or a severe headache. I have learned to do low glycemic sweeteners instead like agave and honey. However, I cannot do that on this diet as this is regulated. I poured both products, I had made up,down the garbage disposal. I pulled out a protein drink I knew I was okay with and had breakfast. I got a hold of another person in the group and was able to pass the other 12 packets off to them. Water intake, which I thought was going to be my big problem, has not. By keeping a water bottle handy, I keep full. Cravings have been very few. 

I think my main rant is that most items on this diet are sweet. I like savory. So, I searched Amazon and was able to find a protein powder in peanutbutter flavor. I tried it and it is a keeper. It is by ChocoRite, 24g protein and only 150 calories per serving. No nasty artificial sweetener aftertaste. 

I went to the support meeting for Wls at the hospital. I learned some and I think I will be attending these in the future. There is also a daytime session, I might check that out for the winter months. I did meet up with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time at the session. We plan to walk together soon. A walking date instead of a lunch date...new me! 

A friend suggested I check out Bariatric TV podcast o YouTube. I have watched them all. I will probably go back and watch some again just to get the information I need. Another friend suggested I check the blog The world according to eggface. I am going to look at that today. Both of these friends have been through Wls, so if it helped them, I'm sure it won't hurt me. 

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Sandy Nye said...

Thank you for sharing what is working for you - I will also check out the you tube and blogs you mentioned