26 February, 2014

A lacy little sweater

I made this sweater for Little Miss Z a couple of years ago. I never posted the pattern.
Note: I am not perfect, please let me know if there are any errors.

Lacy Cardi

Lacy Baby Sweater Pattern
200-220 yards worsted
Size 9 needles-circular and dpn’s for i-cord (I use a crochet hook )
No gauge- babies grow
2 buttons- 3/4-1 inch
Sl1-slip as if to purl w/yarn in front move yarn to back after slipping.

Cast on 48
Slipping the 1st stitch of each row:
Knit 4 ridges in garter (8rows)
Set up row: sl1, k2, purl 4, pm, p1, pm, p7, pm, p1, pm, p16, pm, p1, pm, p7, pm, p1, pm, p4, k3
Raglan increases
Row 1: Sl1, [Knit until marker yo, k1, yo] 4x, knit to end.
Row 2: sl1, K2, purl to 3sts, knit
Continue until arm depth is what you need. I did 12 repeats.
Next row: continue in pattern but no increases in arm section.
Next, purl in pattern but knit for arm section.
Next row: sl1 knit- no increases
Next row: s1, K2, purl doing knit in arm sections, k3.
Do last two rows 2. Times
Separate for arms:  sl1 knit to marker and remove. Bind off arm section, k to next sleeve and repeat, knit to end.
Next row: sl1, k2, purl to open space, cast on 5 stitches, purl to next opening, cast on 5 stitches, purl to last 3 stitches and k3
Should be wrong side row:
Row 1: sl1, knit
Row 2: sl1, knit
Row 3: sl1, K2 purl to last 3sts, k
Row 4:sl1, K2, [yo, k2tog] to last 3 sts, k
Row 5: sl1, K2 purl to last 3sts, k
Row 6: sl1, knit
Row 7: sl1, K2 purl to last 3sts, k
Row 8: sl1, knit
Row 9: sl1, knit,
Next row should be a right side row:
Feather & fan (11+2 st repeat):
Row 1:sl1, knit
Row 2: sl1, K2, purl to last 3, k
Row 3: sl1, [(k2tog) 2x, (yo, k1)3x, yo,(k2tog)2x] around to last stitch, k.
Row 4: sl1, k2, purl to last 3, k
Row 5: sl1, knit
Row 6: sl1, knit
Repeat 2-6,  4 times  ending on a wrong side row.
Border: sl1, knit garter for 4 ridges. Bind off loosely on right side row.
Button loops
At top pick up stitches of 1st 3 slipped stitches and do a 1.5 inch I-cord, attaching to next two slipped stitches. Drop down 1 stitch and repeat for second button.
Sew on buttons.

Weave in all ends. Wash and block.

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