04 January, 2014

New Craft Room

Last month, Boo moved into a new apartment. Today she came home to help me move my craft room from the craft room/office into her old bedroom.
Bedroom before:

First we moved the bed and then grabbed all the yarn and fiber we could put into totes.

Then we moved the metal cubes

We got everything sorted

Except the totes of stuff we couldn't fit in the cubbies.

I guess I need to go purchase more.
I also need to move my computer in this room from our bedroom and buy a couple of book cases to hold all my craft books that are still in the office. I will tackle the office this next week and get it all set up for Sarge to use.

1 comment:

Darlene said...

Wow good job! Your stash looks happy! I have those shelves but they always fall apart on me...maybe mine are a crappy brand!