01 January, 2014

2014!! A year of me starts

Happy new year!
I know it has been a while since I posted but I thought I would try blogging to keep me on track with my personal makeover.

Today is the start of a new year and I am using it to also start a new me. I am going to try to post weekly about changes and new adventures.
Today started with the tradition on watching tge Rose Parade. This year, I did not watch it from the couch, but instead from my treadmill.  I only clocked 30 minutes at a 2 incline before my knee said it was done. Still, it is a start. 31 days to make a habit has begun. As time goes forward I will add different exercises as well.
I also did a weigh in today. I am not proud of my weight, but it is what it is and I accept that I need to post it in order to keep track of my weight loss/new me thought process. I start this year at 298 pounds. I am going to try to lose a pound a week at this time. I may up that in the future, but even a small goal is good when starting out.
I rejoined my fitness pal to help with this goal.
So, here I go...may 2014 be the year I become the person I want to be!

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penelope10 said...

Good for you Coggie!