25 February, 2013

Time Marches On

Wow. I think I forgot I had a blog for a little while. Life here is going well. We are trying to get the house back to better than normal for Sarge's homecoming. On top of that, I am also trying to get both cars running properly before he gets home. It's been a crazy month!
I did finish a couple of sweaters while all of this has been going on.
First, The Calligraphy. (ravelry link)

Without buttons:
After blocking

And buttons sewn on:
The yarn is North Hampton Sport in Natural and the buttons are beach stones. I love the way it fits!

Second is Little Bear's Gramps (ravelry link)

The knitting on this was done a while ago, I was just waiting to find the perfect buttons. I think I found them.

The yarn is Patons classic wool in marine and chocolate. The buttons are handmade leather look.

Back to cleaning!!

1 comment:

Natalie Rush said...

LOVE your calligraphy! It looks great on you!

And that gramps sweater is too cute!