04 August, 2012

Coffee Bag

I am learning to sew again.

I decided to tackle this project on my own today.
Yes, I found it on Pinterest.

I was given some fabric by Shirley and Shannon on my trip up north to make project bags out of. I had enough to not only make a project bag (not finished yet) but to also make the sling bag.
Here is my finished project:

Filled with Coffee Beans!

It is not perfect and I did not tackle pockets yet, but it will be a good bag for my purchases at Stitches Midwest this next week.
I am happy with it.


wooliegirl said...

I love it!

bethanyg said...

Ooh cute!

weebug said...

nicely done. i love the fabrics!

dnaprice said...

Very nice!!! Pockets are not much different than purses, just smaller,