30 July, 2012

Weekend Up North

Getting off the couch by way of friends is awesome! As I posted last time, I really have to push myself to leave home, but once I am out, I do OK.
I had a wonderful with Shannon and Shirley up in Boyne City.
As I drove up on Friday, I saw this sign
Pretty cool in my opinion.

Shannon and her husband, Chris, took me out to dinner at
Cafe Sante
We had a wonderful meal and lots of laughter!
On Saturday we headed out to the Castle Farms Fiber Festival First stop was back to Cafe Sante for breakfast. I forget to get photos, but I had Tiramisu waffles and pineapple juice. YUM! Dining overlooking Lake Charlevoix was worth going back for.
Lake Charlevoix
After breakfast, we took a short ferry ride
Cool touristy thing to do and we were off to the Castle
Fiber at the Castle
Giant Chess set in the back ground
Behind the fountain was the Enchanted Forest
After a day of Shopping (pictures later), we went to Murphy's for a late lunch
Lunch at Murphy's
That night we spent spinning and knitting while chatting and laughing.
On Sunday, we stayed close to the house in the morning. Shirley came over and gave me a refresher with her sewing machine. She has a dream machine, one I will probably never own, but it gave me confidence to bring my machine out of hiding and sew again.
Here is the bag we made together
Eyeballs!!! It is lined with frogs.
For lunch we headed out to Red Mesa Grill. The food was WONDERFUL! a twist the norm.
Chopped dog? I had to laugh at the Chihuahua on the menu- yes, I knew they meant cheese, not the dog.
I tried the Grilled Pineapple Quesadilla
Roasted Pineapple Quesadillas and the Armadillo Eggs armadillo eggs
I asked for the recipe for both. Will be sharing on the podcast once I get the amounts correct.
Shannon had the Queso
It smelled so good!
 When we got back to the house, it was sadly time for me to head home.
We hugged and promised to see each other soon.

Thank you Shannon, Shirley, Chris and little man for a wonderful weekend!!!

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