01 June, 2012

The visiting continues

Sunday the Fiber Train festival started. Now, I have been to a few festivals, and each one is different, so I try not to compare. This one was on it's first year, so I knew it would be small. There were some vendors
 and a set up for people to sit and either knit or spin
Even though I did some damage to my credit card,  I was there for the classes.
Back story on this. I have never taken a knitting class. I have taught knitting/crochet and now spinning for years. The only class I have ever taken was one on designing. I am trying to expand my knowledge and am eagerly seeking people to learn from. That being said, I start at the top
I have watched almost all of her DVDs. I wasn't sure what she would teach me that wasn't on them, but I was there to learn it of she said it.
Her work is beyond my skills
and yet she makes it sound so easy to accomplish.
I did take a few tidbits from the class which made that part of the trip well worth going.
Having a friend in class didn't hurt either
After class, I got a photo with Lucy for my " I love me wall"
and took one for Amy as well
(I am ordering the pattern for the sweater Lucy is wearing!)

We were tired but decided to go out to eat for dinner. We took the scenic route through two towns to find a place. I discovered on this trip, I am a picky eater. I have never thought of myself as such, but that is because I feed myself at home and know what I like. Hm-mm, things you learn as you get older. I digress. We stopped at a place called Dickie's for the BBQ. We walked in and walked out. Dickie's just wasn't big enough for the two of us. So, we headed to The Curb. A sports bar that we heard had good food. Yes, we made the joke about how hookers go to the corner but knitters go to The Curb. The food was so good! No time to snap pictures, we were hungry. We did meet the owner and were told that we were a loud table, but it was fun and relaxing. We had The Curb Quesadillas and Adult Mac-n-cheese! I also had my first Dirty Squirrel. No, not the one that you look up on the Urban dictionary 'A 2 legged female that scavenges for nut and often displays moral inconsistencies." but a drink, made with rum, pineapple juice and something else.. cannot find a recipe online for it, but it was good.
On Monday, we headed out to another class with Lucy, shopped some and then relaxed.
As we left, we saw a wind up car...
We had to try
That night, we went to a talk by Brenda Dayne of the Cast On podcast.
We were each asked to bring a small bag made out of yarn that held a memory.
I made this bag
Memory bag
out of the leftover of my Age of Brass and Steam shawlette. The story that went with it, I told on Episode 154 of my podcast, The High Fiber Diet. I also got to talk with Brenda for a few minutes after the event and was able to get a photo.
(I finished the shawl during the talk)
I met some of my listeners as well, so they took a few photos of me.
Tuesday cam very early for ToadyJoe and I. My plane flew out at 530am, so we had to be at the airport by 430am. Yeah- did I say I am not a morning person?
Thank you to Amy and her family for the wonderful trip. I will be back- fiber festival or not!
The purchases... well, I have to have something to talk about... tomorrow!

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