03 June, 2012


First I needed something that would hold all the things I wanted to buy.
I also bought a bag for Boo, however she is using it and not here for a photo. I am kicking myself now that I didn't buy one for me. Maybe I will try cutting a pattern out and making myself one. We will see.

I found a copy of Knit. Swirl! For the KAL at Knit-Topia. Even convinced ToadyJoe that she needed to make one (maw ha ha)
Knit, Swirl!
She has started hers. I am still waiting.
Reason I am waiting is I bought this skein of yarn
Lace for swirl sweater
 to go with these braids of fiber
Fiber for swirl sweater
Which I planned to spin up as soon as I got home.
Yeah, Mr. Spot had other plans
That is the drive band to my spinning wheel! Damn cat!

I also purchased some needles
and a hand forged shawl pin
Hand Forged Shawl pin
It kind of reminds me of the happy stitch from Lucy's class.

While I was there, ToadyJoe gave me some yarn
Abstract fiber
as well as two balls of qiviut. Those are already in use and I will get pictures soon.

Here is the finished shawlette I was working on at the event
Amy morning
Boo has claimed it and she is very happy with it. It is a modified TGV- pattern available on Ravelry.

I didn't buy everything I saw that I wanted, because I had the limitation of air travel. Yeah trying to sneak a Navajo spindle onto the plane would not have worked. I also saw a couple supported spindles that were nice, but I will get one, one day.


FiberGeek said...

You can just use some string or twine to replace your drive and until you can get a new stretchy one. That will at least let you spin.

Michelle said...

Love the Blue yarn you bought. Can't wait to see the fiber all spun up. I just bought the same kind of needles & love them & I too have a damn cat that like to chew on things. (giggle)

shari said...

I recently knit a circle vest that I LOVE and have been considering the Knit Swirl book. Looked at some of it on Amazon and my biggest holdup right now is can I make them into something more vest-like? I think that's what I want another of.

That knit circle vest I did - I was amazed at how I could wear it (I wear a 3-4x) and my daughter, a M, could wear it as well.

KaRi coggie Wymer said...

Hi Shari,
Yes, just leave the sleeves off.