31 May, 2012

A visiting I will go!

A few months ago, my friend ToadyJoe tweeted about a DVD that made her mind pop. I searched for this DVD and could not find it locally. She ended up mailing the DVD to me so I could watch it. I did, my mind also popped and thus began the chain of events that took me to Idaho this last weekend.
The DVDs were Knitting Venus 1 &2 by Lucy Neatby. The reason I went to Idaho was that ToadyJoe got Lucy to come there and teach. Added bonus was two extra days with ToadyJoe, Fiber Train Festival and Brenda Dayne would also be teaching there. Rock Stars all around!!
I flew in on Friday morning (at the airport at the ass crack of dawn). I am so not a morning person! Boo dropped me off and I was headed west. I had a hour lay over in Minneapolis then on to Boise. ToadyJoe knew me well enough to have scoped out a coffee shop to hit as soon as we grabbed my luggage.
We had a fun filled day on Friday, meeting her lovely family, going grocery shopping (I miss Albertsons!) and relaxing some. That night we went and helped yarn bomb the down town area of Nampa, where the festival was to take place.
We got to Puffy Mondaes (The LYS) and there was a small crowd of ladies with lots of blankets to be put up.
The one on the left was brought by me.
We attached to light poles
Bicycle racks
and benches (Photo didn't turn out). We also found out that some people are very anal about the way yarn bombing should be done as they went behind us and "fixed" what we had put up *sigh* ... I finally headed to bed about midnight which meant I had been up for 23 hours- I slept like a rock.

The next day, we made travel pillow cases. I guess they are a tradition when visiting. I got to pick out material and ToadyJoe made one for both Sarge and myself!
I will send his to the sandbox when he gives me an address. As you can see, mine has two different fabrics. One is from Australia and the other is cattle-prod print, in flannel. I love it!After that, we headed out to see the town. We needed to go to Joann's to get the travel pillows to fill the cases (and pick up some needles for the yarn I had been given), then I was taken to a local pizza place for lunch.
The pizza
was good. The Hard apple cider
eh- not so much. Still have not found one that tastes as good as Scrumpy's.
However we did find a big Cock. (yes- I had to go there)
(Sarge has been gone too long!)
Later that day, we had to run into Boise. On the way to our destination, we stopped off at another LYS
You can see us in the window. We did a bit of damage in the shop.
We also stopped off at the Co-op to pick up some yummy food. I want a Co-op in my town!!!
Our destination? Oh yeah- We got to pick up Lucy from the airport!!
(You can see the yarn I was given and I was using the needles we bought at Joann's. Velocity by Bates- not bad needles!)
We missed Lucy. How? we have no idea, but she was downstairs with her luggage as we were waiting upstairs. We found her and then were headed back to ToadyJoe's for dinner. We had an amazing time laughing, eating and a fashion show of all of the hand knits that ToadyJoe had on hand. Lucy headed off to where she was staying and we settled in to relax.
Sunday came early, we were up at about 7 am. We puttered around, made a pilgrimage.
Never knew they had a brick and Mortar store.

More from the festival and purchases tomorrow....

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Dawn said...

Omg how fun!!!! Thanks for sharing. It feels like I was there with ya guys!:)