06 June, 2012

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. How many students were in your high school graduating class? Did you know most, if not all of them?

Really, I have no idea. I would have to dig out my old year book to find out and that is not happening. Way too many! I did not know everyone in my graduating class. I did go to my 10 year reunion, and over half the people I saw I did not know they graduated with me. I knew some in person, some by reputation and others were just people I passed on the lawns when walking from class to class. This year would make it 25 years since I graduated *sigh*.

2. What was the last thing you photographed?

The last thing I photographed was some yarn that I am dyeing up. I will be posting a blog about it later this week.

3. Pickles-love 'em or loathe 'em? If its love what's something you eat that needs a pickle?

I like some pickles. Gherkins and bread-n-butter more than others. However, a good pastrami sammie needs a pickle on the side. Also, dill pickle soup. Yes, I said soup. You have to try it! I had never had it before visiting the Copper Pickle in Howell, MI. It is so yummy and beside a corned beef sammie, it was a very good lunch!

4. What's a stereotype you seem to perpetuate without meaning to?

I honestly don't know. I am sure I do a few, and if you know, please leave a comment. I am blond, but not an "airhead". I am fat but not "lazy". I am female but can get from one place to another while reading a map.

5. Ever been horse back riding? If so is it something you enjoy? If not, do you have any interest? Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? Will you be watching the last leg of the Triple Crown this weekend?

Yes, I have been horse back riding. Yes, it used to be something I enjoyed very much. I did not watch the derby nor will I watch the last leg of the triple crown.

6. What's your favorite 'wedding' movie?

My favorite movie is the Sound of Music. I love the wedding scene in that movie.

7. What is one 'tourist attraction' in the USA that you'd like to see in person?

I want to see the Space center one day.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday I went and picked up another cone of yarn to dye up for the middle section of the Rams and Yowes blanket I am knitting. I already had enough yarn to finish the blanket, but I thought the rams section in the middle needed a different tone to the colors than that yowes section on both ends. I want the section to be deeper shades of the same colors. Maybe a brown or black over dye on that yarn.
Here is a picture of the yowes section
See, happy bright colors. I think the rams need something a big more manly. So, today the dye pots come out and maybe tomorrow the knitting will continue.


Joyce said...

I've never heard of dill pickle soup and am trying to imagine the taste. I can't. But I do love dill pickles so would definitely try it. I've never even seen it on a menu anywhere.

Catherine said...

No pickles for me - English homemade chutney instead!

Tami said...

Dill pickle soup. My first thought is EWW! But after thinking about it, I do love dill pickles… so I would be willing to try it!

Anonymous said...

The Space Center is a lot of fun! We visited a few years ago but didn't enjoy it quite as much as we'd liked because we had just gotten off of a cruise ship and were having problems with motion sickness. It was bad timing.