23 April, 2012

Fiber event palooza!!!

I returned home yesterday from Knit-Topia. I will post photos as soon as I can dig my camera out of the mess that is now sitting in my living room. Yep, I unloaded the car and passed out when I got home. Today has not been much better for getting stuff done, we were nap attacked for about 6 hours. Tomorrow is looking promising for getting back to normal.
That is not what I am posting about though. I am posting about future events and where you might be able to find me if you are attending as well.
As you know, my husband is deploying again very soon. His only rule for me is that I stay active and get out of the house while he is gone. You see, I have a habit of being a hermit and love just being home. However, this is not good for me as I really need human interaction. So, to comply with his wishes, plans have been made for two upcoming fiber events that I will be attending. More will be in the works but here is the information I have so far:

First event: FiberTrain I will be taking a few classes with Lucy Neatby and hearing a talk from Brenda Dayne. This has me excited!!! Even better is that I get to spend time with a dear friend who helped me through the last deployment (tag-teaming with more of my friends) and kept me sane (well, you know). Who is this wonderful person you ask? none other than Amy- ToadyJoe!!!!
(photo taken in 2009)
I think I am more excited to see her again than I am about the fiber event!

The second event: Stitches Midwest
I am all signed up for classes and the student banquet/fashion show. I will be staying at the convention center and attending all the fun free events that go with the event on top of what I have signed up for. I also think there will be a podcast/blogger meet-up but will let you know as more information becomes available.
The last time I attended Stitches was in 2008. I had a blast then and I know I will have a blast this time.
Let me know if you will attending either event!


Retired Knitter said...

Stitches is great fun but once they moved out of Baltimore I couldn't attend.

But the upcoming Maryland Sheep and Wool is soon. I live about 40 minutes away from that so I will be going there.

wooliegirl said...

So glad you made it back and can't wait to see your pictures.
My husband calls me a hermit and he is correct, I very well can live as a hermit. So glad you have opportunities to get out and live with some fiber friends!