01 April, 2012

Clean Air

I have a new favorite air freshener. I took the rind of one orange and poured white vinegar over it in a seal-able container. I set it in the fridge for a week. Then I rinsed out an old febreze bottle. Filled it 1/2 way with cold water and the rest with the orange vinegar. I then used it as I would febreze. It smells so good! Took the yucky smell out of my house and left a clean citrus smell instead. I refilled the orange rind container to use again in a couple of weeks.

1 comment:

wooliegirl said...

I have added oranges to my grocery list and I will be trying this by the end of the week. I have terrible allergies and have discovered that something in the chemically sprays triggers them, so this will be wonderful....and pet friendly. Go away stinky house! Thank you for sharing :)