04 April, 2012

The Universe Bites Back

I spewed a few weeks ago on my podcast that I really didn't enjoy color-work. I need to be careful what I put out the Universe, as she has a way of biting one in the ass.
Yep Two bites for me!
First, Rams & Yowes

Rams & Yowes

Second, The Medallion Travel Bag

Medallion Bag Bottom

Third, I found the pattern Insomnia Which Sarge wants me to make for him and then I found the cute spinning bag Spinnbeutel and the Double Ewe scarf.
Thank you to the Universe for biting me, lesson has been learned.


dnaprice said...

At least its a good bite, yes? Better than a poke in the eye.

Kristyn said...

Oh yes the universe does love to give us a good smackdown on occasion.