09 February, 2012


Who would have thought that my newest cleaner for the tub/shower would come from a food website? Not me!
I have tried everything to clean my shower and glass doors. Tilex, scrubbing bubbles, Ajax, steel wool on the glass (softly)...I mean everything I could think of. I had about given up and was using a scrub brush and elbow grease to get the weekly cleaning done. (Yes, we wipe it down after showers every day.)
Last week, I found a link on Pinterest for a simple cleaner that said it was the best. I battle soap scum and black on the bottom of my tub every week, so I just had to try it. I sprayed it on the tub and then on the shower doors. I went a head and used it on my sink as well. I let it set as I cleaned the potty (I use straight vinegar for this) while the mixture set on the surfaces. When I went back to scrub, no scrubbing needed! I wiped the surfaces clean and wha-la! White shower with doors you can see through again. Sink cleaned up just as easily and the faucet shined.
No- I am not going to show you pictures of my bathroom. Sorry. I am just happy it worked and passing this along to you.

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