12 February, 2012

Grand Rapids Food Weekend

We stayed at the JW Marriott

12th floor

the room


View during a snow storm
View in a snow storm
Looking down

Loved the bathroom!

Grand Rapids art piece

Waiting on Dinner
Micheal our Waiter
Water to start
Roasted squash soup
White Sangria
Fondue for Two
Crab Encrusted Steelhead
Chargrillled Filet Mignon 8oz
Good enough to almost cry
“Banana Split”
Yeah- it was that good!
End of meal treats
That was Friday night.
Saturday went spent the day at a military event getting all the new info we need for the coming year. After we were dismissed we napped for a bit then headed out for dinner. We were told that Z's was the place in the area for "Good food and relaxing"
Sarge had
Saturday dinner
He loved it!
I had
They were touted as "The best ribs in town" yeah- well, after one bit I could not eat them. I did not complain, just didn't eat. The owner did comp my meal. How they are called the best I have no idea!! The service was wonderful and the Pineapple juice with Southern comfort that I had was amazing!
We went back to Six-One-Six for my meal
Went back to six-one-six
Balsamic Mango and blue cheese
I am not a Blue Cheese lover, it was good but not my favorite thing there.
I ordered the Six-One-Six Burger
Charred burger and fries
For dessert we shared a
chevre cheesecake
We will be returning to this restaurant.
The storm passed and we headed home on Sunday
View before we left

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