01 January, 2012

Happy 2012

Start as you wish to go on.
There will be no washing today as I want no one in my family washed out. That means no laundry or dishes. There will be nothing taken out of the house before something comes in. No trash taken out, no money spent and no leaving home. These traditions work for me as it allows me to start as I wish to go on. No, not with a messy house (we will not talk about that today), but with coffee beside me, needles in my hands and a new project for the new year. We have a winter storm warning going on here and mother natures plans are for 8-12 inches of New Years snow. A good reason to stay snuggled up and knitting.

I decided on the Alpine Boots Slipper pattern and will make them up in Patons Classic Wool in Chestnut Brown with Fun fur (gasp) effects and a beige contrast stitching.

NYCO 2012

This is all out of my stash, so I am not spending money.
I want o step into the New Year with a smile on my face and Bev Galeskas patterns are so wonderful I know I will be happy knitting it up. I am not sure if I will do a short boot or try for the long boot. I will see as I am knitting on it and how I think it will fit.

Thank you all for stopping by and I wish you all the happiest of New Years.

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