01 December, 2011

Let the Holidays Begin

Kerstmarkt is a Christmas market in the traditions of the Netherlands. They are outdoor markets that spring up all over for local artisans to sell their wares. This is a market I have wanted to go and shop at for a few years now. With weather the way it is here in west Michigan, I was just not able to make that happen until this year. The day after Thanksgiving, yes, black Friday, Sarge and I went down to this market and had fun walking around and seeing the booths. It was a very warm day for the end of November and well worth the 30 minute drive down to Holland.
While walking through the marketplace, we saw fur dealers, which brings to mind what trade was like here in West Michigan in the olden days. Fur trappers and traders were a major money maker in Michigan back when the state was first established.
Yes, those are deer skins, but there was also sheep, caribou, bear, raccoon and others available for purchase. None came home with me.

Hand blown glass ornaments and jewelry from another vendor.

Shady Side Farm was there with not only the wool they raise and sell, but also harvest items from their farm. I pick up some heirloom beans to make up some soup.

Sarge really like the local photography booth and picked up a coffee mug to add to his collection.

I also came home with a new hand turned wooden spoon to replace the one I had broken this year. I do love kitchen items. I did not get a picture of the booth, sorry.

While we were there we also picked up two of the yummiest molasses cookies (no sugar added recipe) to munch on while we walked around. It was a fun way to spend Black Friday. Not out amongst the big box stores, but shopping locally at a market that is just a little bit of history being passed on to future generations.

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annmarie said...

this looks like a lot more fun than navigating the crowds at a mall! I make it a practice to stay home on Black Friday, but browsing and buying at a market like this seems a perfect way to spend an afternoon. :)