06 July, 2011

Holiday Weekend in Review

This last weekend was busy.
On Friday I opened up our new wheel. Review is on the latest podcast.
I got it all put together

Wheel w/ driveband on

and started spinning some BFL I had picked up on the last trip

First Spin

On Saturday we recorded the podcast and relaxed around the house.
Sunday we had some friends pop oer, so a quick clean up of the house was in order, then Sarge headed out to paint the shed. The community had given us a deadline to get it painted by this weekend, so it had to be done.

Painting the shed

You can see the ugly green it used to be. It did not match our house.


Sarge hamming it up


Monday was the Fourth and as tradition here, we had a dinner picnic at the channel before the firworks are set off.

Smiles from Little Bear

Little Bear

Little Bear

Kisses too



Grampa is a sit-upon


Deb showed up before me!


We brought ear protection for Little bear...they are almost as big as he is!!

Fire works are too loud

Getting close to fireworks time


We got the grandkids glo necklaces. Notice how Little miss Z is wearing hers...

Glo-necklaces- er belts

The musical fountain went off and the fireworks were wonderful.

Today I finished the yarn I started on Friday.
Navajo BFL

Back to regular blogging soon.


Shorty said...

Your yarn looks amazing! I love the colors, too! Great pics... thanks for sharing your family with us!

wooliegirl said...

The yarn and little Bear are both gorgeous, not that everyone else isn't too! (but they sparkle) and I love the earmuffs!

Taleah said...

That yarn is fantastic! Miss P has a headset just like that. It works great!