30 June, 2011

Birthday Weekend pt.2

The weekend stretched into Monday and Tuesday due to the car problems. We found out Monday afternoon that it was not the head, but a return pipe that went into the heater core to cool the engine. About 1/2 the price, so we were happy.

Still stick at the hotel though.

I watched the landscapers put black mulch into the flower beds. It made the yellow flowers pop.

Flowers outside our hotel room door

After that fun part of the morning, we headed out for breakfast.

This is Sarges meal

Sarge's Breakfast

Yeah, see the strawberry? Mine had to be sent back as I am very allergic to strawberries. Once I got my meal, it was delicious.

Once we got the car back on Tuesday, we headed up to Gaylord for a bit of retail therapy. I was looking for the bookstore we had visited a few years ago when I saw this on the side of the road.

Saw a Sign

Yep we had to stop!

ImagiKnit in Gaylord, MI

As you can see I made a few purchases
The store owner was very welcoming and when I asked what she had that was different from other yarn stores, she pointed me towards this display

Crafters wine glasses

They are Crafter's Wine Glasses and you can find them here

A few just had to come home with me!!
Another display had this purple sweater that I just had to get the pattern for


A few other purchases were made (update on the next podcast) and then we headed across the street to the Sugar Bowl for lunch.
We started off with Navy bean soup

Navy Bean Soup

Then shared a stacked corned beef sammie between us.

No dessert there as next door is this wonderful store

Had to stop!

Lots of Chocolate

Where we helped this young man make his first sale

Alpine Chocolat Haus
(yes that was my C/C he was holding- blacked out for my security)

We headed home after that...yeah I had spent enough.

Hwy 10

We saw this party store on the way home


Had to get Boo a new night shirt

Tee Shirts

Arrived home about 11 pm. I need a vacation after taking this vacation!

More on Purchases and the mail I had waiting for me soon.

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