29 June, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Yes, I get a whole weekend...some years I get a whole month, just depends on the year I guess.

On Thursday of last week, Sarge and I drove up to Grayling, Michigan to spend some time with his roommate from Afghanistan. They became close friends while they were deployed together. When we arrived, his wife was at work, so the guys became video game zombies. I snapped a couple of photos then climbed into a few podcasts and knit.

Video Game Zombies
Video Game

I think I caught up on 8 different podcasts before I called it a night. On Friday we just hung out, played Apples to Apples (if you don't have this game, go buy it!) and ordered pizza for dinner.
Saturday the guys went golfing and I left to go to Stonehedge Fiber Mill near East Jordan, or about an hour away. (will talk about this on a different post) I was met there by my friend Lorrie and we headed out for lunch after.
We went to Murray's because the owner of the Fiber Mill said it was worth it. Boy was she right!

Murray's for lunch- East Jordan, MI

Lorrie ordered the fish & chips and I ordered a Dried Cherry, feta, spinach and chicken salad with a cherry dressing on it. Along with it I had a White Sangria. Oh so good!

Lunch at Murray's

After stuffing ourselves on this good food, we walked across the street to a park.


Where we knit for a couple of hours, killing time and catching up.

Knitting Spot

Then we hit Sodalicious for a birthday treat.


Anatomy of a Sundae


Lorrie chose a single cone of Cookie Dough

Lorrie chose Cookie Dough

And I chose a Boston Cooler

I had a Boston Cooler

We went back to the park to enjoy them. As the sun started going down, we headed in our different directions.

Calm view and lapping water

When I got back to Greyling, I picked up Sarge and we were going to head up to Petosky for my actually birthday. Yeah the best laid plans of mice and men need a car to corporate with you. Ours did not. It broke down about 20 miles up the road. It looked like we had blown a head gasket on it, so we called roadside service and had it towed to a local repair shop, got a ride to the Ramada in Grayling and planned to stay the weekend. First stop was to the bar at the hotel to actually celebrate my birthday. I had a Blue Hawaiian, one of my favorite drinks. I met someone who shared my birthday. She was turning 21 and laughed when I told her I was twice her age. We both agreed it was a good day to be born.
On Sunday we were hanging at the hotel when Sarge decided he had a new way to get us home...

Sarge tries to take flight

I told him I needed a few more drinks to get on that ride!

Instead we headed out to go fishing with our friends. Well, they fished, I sat on the shore, in a comfy chair and knit.

My view:
My view
Another View

Sarge sat with me for a while then headed out to fish

Sarge chillin'

Sarge Fishing

Wading in after a while to get to where the fish were.
Here he is drying off.

After Wading

They cleaned up with about 5 fish for the couple hours we were out there.


Eric catches a Bass

After a quick shower when we got back to the hotel, we headed down to the restaurant for dinner. Dead animals on the wall must be special here.

Dinner at AuSable Grill

Sarge had Strip steak and roasted veggies

Strip steak and roasted veggies

I had another Dried Cherry salad, this time with Michigan Maple dressing.


The waiter brought us birthday cake after we told him it was my day and we were stranded. Carrot cake with fresh vanilla ice cream.

Birthday Cake & Ice Cream

More in the next post...

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