03 May, 2011

Retreat Reminder

I dyed up yarn while I was at the retreat a couple weeks ago.
I used 2 skeins of Kroy sock yarn and Wilton frosting dye, along with water and vinegar.
I used colors that reminded me of Lake Huron, the beach, the log cabin and the sunset. I always use an odd number of colors when I am dying, I find it more appealing to the eye.


After letting it dry, I wound it up on the ball winder.


I used the Very Stretchy cast on, worked stockingette to a Dutch heel and then did a fan toe and finished with a Kitchener stitch to graft it together.

Last week I had one sock done

Sock and start of second

Yesterday I finished the second sock

Retreat Socks

I had about 12 yards of yarn left over

Retreat Socks

All of the information about the cast on and heel are on my projects page on Ravelry.

I love having a memory I can wear.


wooliegirl said...

They are gorgeous! I have never dyed with Wilton, but I have a case full in the pantry. I will definitely be doing this over the next week. Thanks for the idea and the link up...I was wondering about the fan toe after listening to the podcast and looked it up....another "will try" added to my list :)
(they are beautiful socks!)

KnitNurd said...

Oh, those are very pretty, Coggie! I love the little bits of pink/red here and there. I've also never thought about Wilton...putting that on my list!