01 April, 2011

Fiber on Friday

I finished my Forever in Blue Jeans sweater!!!

Here the collar is closed, but it can be worn open and hanging as well.


The Front -

Note: It is not longer in the front, I think it was just not far enough back on my shoulders.


The Back


The pattern- Cassis The Yarn- Berroco Comfort in Denim Yardage 1365. I made it a bit shorter than the pattern called for, but this is where I like my sweaters to hit.


Michelle said...

I love the lace on the back.

Pretentious Wombat said...

I have this pattern in my favourites and I'm glad to see you like the way yours turned out. I think the collar is just darling and that's probably what drew me to it. And there's just enough lace to make it interesting without giving it that "little old lady" feel. Good job! :-D

VeganCraftastic said...

Love it, it looks super cute on you!

knittinwolf said...

Love it...what a great color too! With your hair that color I think we are definitely sisters!:) You be lookin' goodin darlin! hugs

Luca said...


Taleah said...

Beautiful! You are SO talented!