30 March, 2011

Afternoon Chai

In my new Sheepy mug from Jeannie the Potter.

I have been stalking her shop for a while. I missed getting a mug at Rhinebeck when I went in October, but I knew I wanted one. When she put up a posting for custom colored mugs, I was so happy to get one!!

I decided on a black sheep
A Grey Sheep And turquoise yarn It is large enough for a good cuppa and very light in weight. LOVE IT!!


knittinwolf said...

What an adorable cup! Not PINK yarn?

Michelle said...

Cool! I'm going over there right now!

Michelle said...

Bummer! She's out of the mugs but I did subscribe to the feed so now I hope to get updates. I am all about the mugs!

wooliegirl said...

Oh I am so envious, you have a mug!!!! Those are so cool. Not like I need another mug, but how fun to sip a cup of coffee in a pretty mug.

Coggie said...

She doesn't offer pink yarn :( So I chose my next favorite.